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Kid Key Lock Controls What Your Kids Can Or Can Not Click

Kid-key-lock is a free application that lets you control what your kids can or can not click. There are instances when children accidentally delete extremely important files or folders. To prevent such mishaps, it is best to prevent kids from accessing keys and mouse-clicks that can have serious consequences. This application provides a handy solution, disallowing users from accessing the right-click context menu, system key combinations and more.

The application sits in system tray. Click Setup to access advanced options. From the options, select the mouse locks that you wish to implement on your PC. From this window, you can also select the degree of keyboard locks that are to be applied by dragging the slider under Keyboard Locks. As you drag the slider to the right, you will see the description of the keys that are being locked with each drag. If all mouse and keyboard keys are locked for a session, then the only way to access the application and change those settings would be to use the password to show or quit the application. By default, the passwords for these two functions are shown, but they may be changed to any text you wish to use. In any case, make sure you remember what those passwords were.


A handy tool to control what others can or can not click on your PC. It supports Windows 7 OS, testing was carried out on Windows 7, x86 system.

Download Kid-Key-Lock

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