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Detect And Remove Rootkits From Windows System With GMER

If you frequently download and install applications on your system from a number of unreliable sources, they might contain key loggers, rootkits and other malicious scripts. Keylogging is a self-deployed mechanism of recording each & every key that you press while working on your system. In similar fashion, rootkits covertly steals your precious information to let an attacker gain root access of your system. To keep yourself on a safe side, it is highly recommended to deploy an anti-system for such potentially harmful scripts. We have previously reviewed SpyShelter that comes with a whole lot of customizable options to scan out rootkits, malware and keylogging applications, here we have yet another application for Windows called GMER, which is designed to find all malware and key logging applications and scripts from your PC and provide you with an option to delete them in one go. However, it is not comparable with SpyShelter in terms of features, but offers a staunch armor to prevent your system to be pounced on with rootkits/malware.

Once the application is launched, it will immediately start scanning your main memory and other device data that is highly prone to rootkits. When preliminary scanning is finished, you can start a thorough system scan, the right flank hold options to include important System areas, Threads, Libraries, Services, Registry, Files, and so on. Beneath it, you can include all the auxiliary storage and external storage devices attached with the system in the scanning process. Clicking the Scan button will begin the scanning.

scan rootkits

From the top, you can switch between different tabs, which include different malware removal-specific functions and options. Just like Processes, you can check find malicious file from Modules and Services tabs, which hold information regarding running and active modules and services, respectively. The File tab lets you navigate between different local and remote locations to find rootkits and malicious scripts, while the Registry tab lets you view and edit the Windows registry without having to open regedit utility. GMER automatically categorizes rootkit and malwares into different types in Rootkit/Malware tab, allowing you to easily view all rootkits along with their sources from a single window. From CMD window,


The final report can be saved in a LOG format by clicking Save button on main screen. GMER offers only basic level protection when compared with SpyShelter. It is a portable application that runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

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