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Detect & Remove Fake Antivirus Scams From Your Windows PC

Computer viruses come in all shapes and sizes – ranging from malware and spyware to trojans and worms – but the most dangerous ones are guised under an Antivirus banner themselves. Yes, that’s true; perhaps you didn’t imagine, but viruses can even attack your PC in the form of an antivirus, which are usually termed ‘fake antivirus’. Various companies make money by deceiving people into believing their PC is infected by a virus (which, in most cases, it is not), and then try to sell a fake antivirus (or more of a Pro version of an already abysmal free version). This not only hurts your wallet, but such antivirus security applications create a nagware, seriously disturbing your PC workflow, if you don’t buy the full application. To combat this problem, today we have a software for you labelled Fake Antivirus Remover. Developed by Trend Micro, the famous Japanese computer security company, the software is designed to help you detect and remove fake antivirus applications from your system. The software is currently in its Beta release, and comprises an easy to use interface. Trend Micro claims that the software can successfully detect and remove plethora of different fake antiviruses off your machine – Additional Guard, Advanced Defender, AKM Antivirus, AlphaAV, Anticare, Antivir64, BitDefender, BlueFlare Antivirus, bug doctor, BootCare, CleanV, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Ddos Clean, Dr, Guard, Easy Scan, HDD Fix, Infor-Safe, Malware Defense, LightClean, Privacy PC – just to name a few.

Fake Antivirus Remover itself is reminiscent of the company’s red and white themed interface, comprising of four tabs in total, i.e., Scan, Quarantine, Logs and Settings. Under Scan tab, you can inspect your PC using three different methods, which include Scan All Processes, Scan Selected Processes and Scan a Window & Remove FakeAV. During the first run, it’s advisable to run a full scan, so click Scan All Processes to get started.

Fake Antivirus Remover_Launch

Now sit back and wait for the process to finish, which may take from a few to several minutes, depending on the number of processes the software need to scan.

Fake Antivirus Remover_Scanning

After the scan process, the application presents you the number of possible threats found. You can mark the threat and click Clean to move it to quarantine.

Fake Antivirus Remover

The Quarantine tab holds all the cleaned or un-fixable threats, and contains information regarding date the threat was found on, type of threat and its location on your PC. From here, you can either Remove or Restore the suspects. However, be cautious when removing a threat, as sometimes, the tool does generate false positives.

Fake Antivirus Remover_Quaratine

In addition, the application also generates log files and places them under Logs tab. Should you want to delete your logs, mark them from the Log List and click Delete log at the bottom right corner of the window to remove them.

Fake Antivirus Remover_Log

There’s not much to look for under the application’s Settings tab, other than updating it to a newer version. We hope more settings and options will be added when the software comes out of Beta.

Fake Antivirus Remover_Settings

Fake Antivirus Remover is a nifty tool that can identify and remove fake antiviruses off your PC, and can even save your hard earned cash from any such future scams. The software works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions, while testing was done on Windows 7, 64-bit.

Download Fake Antivirus Remover

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