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Discover The Best 5 Firefox Plugins for August 2008

Firefox is the fastest rising browser today. The beauty of the Firefox extension is that it allows you to add a specific function or feature, fully customizing the browsing experience. Someone who wants to make the most of their online time, this is a huge opportunity. There are limitless ways to alter your browsing with Firefox extensions. We have collected the best 5 firefox plugins for the month of August, 2008.

Download Statusbar:

We all are relentless downloaders. But whenever we download something, we are bothered by that annoying Firefox download manager. It’s surely useful for searching through past downloads, but it can get on anyone’s nerves if they have to constantly minimize the window. Fortunately, we have a solution, it’s called Download Status Bar. It prevents the download manager from popping up whenever a download is initiated and instead brings up a bar at the bottom of the screen. A white box appears on the bar; the box is naturally labeled with the name of currently downloaded file. On the right side it displays stats such as remaining time and transfer speed. As the file downloads, it displays the percentage completed. Get it here.


This is one of the best tools for making your browser secure and believe me when I say that you won’t find any better extension to make your browser more secure. With NoScript, you can disable active content from any site you don’t trust. Unless you configure it to allow JavaScript, and other executable scripting to run from a site, NoScript will completely block the script, keeping you browser safe from known and unknown exploits. As far as you are using this extension you are perfectly safe regardless of any platform you’re using. Get it from here.

Adblock Plus:

For those obsessed who are obsessed to web browsing, this Ad Block Plus will surely keep them focused. Kill annoying banners and ads by simply installing the extension and right-clicking the banner on the page. Once you’ve clicked the banner, you’ll never see it again as long as the extension is turned on. Grab Adblock Plus now.


I’m sure everyone reading this blog has a gmail account. And I’m sure none of you has run out of the 7GB  of space that google provides us. gSpace lets you store important data in left over space. gSpace lets you login to your gmail account, create folders and store all your important data. Just sign in to gSpace using your gmail credentials and drag and drop your files from the left hand pane to the right hand pane. Thats it. Plain and Simple. Install Gspace

PDF download:

This plugin is great. It saves the amount of time we click on a link, expecting to be taken to a web page, and then had the browser freeze up due to the adobe plugin, for these situations the PDF download extension should be installed. What it does is give us the option of downloading, reading as a pdf, or converting to html any pdfs I try to open via links. This way the browser never needs to lock up again. That’s great!. Get it here

Try these plugins and enjoy a whole new Firefox experience. It took us hours to research, a little feedback will help us relax. If you think we have missed any plugin, tell us in the comments.

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