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Easily Move/Resize Windows On A Netbook [Windows]

Moving windows across your desktop isn’t something difficult at all, unless you’re using a netbook. Here, the small screen size combined with the smallish touchpads makes window management a real nightmare, with often the user getting frustrated at not being able to click at the right space, or the title bar of a window not being displayed in particular. For all such events, AltDrag is an ingenious solution.


This little tool not only lets you easily move a window, but also resize it, minimize it, bring a window to center position, and much more. It also lets you attach a window to nearby ones.

By default, the usage is configured to make use of attach, move and resize functions. For example, with AltDrag running, press and hold the Alt key and left-click and drag anywhere inside a window to move it. While moving, press and hold the Shift key to make the window attach automatically to nearby ones.

Alternatively, you may use the Alt + right click combination to resize a window on default configuration. For other operations, you would need to edit the Settings text file, accessible through Options menu.

The software is lightweight and unobtrusive, without any GUI. It is available in several languages, and works fine on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download AltDrag

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