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Google Chrome Privacy Protector

Google Chrome has a bunch of privacy options to keep you safer. It also has a build-in Incognito mode which allows user to browser privately without worrying about the privacy. In this mode nothing is logged and no cookies are saved. But did you know that Chrome uses client_id?

Client_ID is a variable which is unique for every Chrome user. It can be used to create exact user profiles of a user’s actions when using Google Chrome. It is a sad fact that Google does not notify user about it nor is there any option to remove it and create a new ID.

Luckily, Chrome Privacy Protector does the job. It is a simple tool developed exactly for the purpose of deleting the unique client id at the end of each run of Google Chrome browser. When you start Chrome again, it will regenerate the assign a new client id.

The usage is simple, it will detect the Google Chrome installation, show you the ID, and tell you if the browser is anonymized. Make sure all Chrome browser windows are closed before hitting Remove Unique ID Now button.

Google chrome privacy protector

Download Chrome Privacy Protector

It works on all versions of Windows that are supported by Google Chrome, including Windows 7. Works on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

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