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How To Customize The Command Prompt(cmd) In Windows Vista/Windows 7

Do you like the default Command Prompt screen in Windows? If not, then you can customize it to your needs by changing the layout, font, and color. There are many reasons why users customize their command prompt, some increase the width because they have to write long codes, some change the size of their fonts to look bigger, etc. The default command prompt style is too common these days, to make mine different I changed the background so that it can match the Windows 7 wallpaper on the desktop.

customized command prompt 2

Cool, right? Anyways this is how you do it. Right-click the window and select properties as shown in the screenshot below.

command prompt properties

Now go to fonts tab for changing the font type and size. If you are sitting a little too far from the monitor, you can increase the font size.

comand prompt fonts

If you are a developer and work a lot on command prompts then you can go to Layout tab and increase the width and height of windows, you can change other layouts as well.

command prompt layout

Finally comes the interesting part, in the Colors tab you can change the color of screen text, screen background, popup text, and popup background. If you are an advanced user, you can also select the color values manually.

command prompt colors

While customizing the command prompt there is a preview screen where you can check the change before implementing it. Wasn’t it easy? Enjoy!


  1. you can also use the command “title” for example to set the title to “My Command Window” type –

    title “My Command Window”

  2. Is there any way to alter the title bar? I have a shortcut to cmd.exe and all the title bars come out as “Administrator: Command Prompt” . When I minimize several cmd windows, this left hand part is not helpful. I would like to have the path show in the title bar, so that I can at least always see the drive letter. Can that be customized?

    • simple create a right click desktop and click shortcut then put cmd.exe then hit next it will ask what to call the shortcut type in your title name then finish then when you launch the shortcut it will have the shortcut name as the title alternatively you can just type title this is my title in cmd but you will have to do it each time you launch it

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