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IE9 Creator Helps Create Website With Internet Explorer 9 Features

Since every browser renders web page in a different way, it becomes necessary to change the outlook of web elements in websites in order to make them appear properly on all the widely known browsers. Amongst the list of famous browsers, Internet Explorer popularity is steeping high day by day with IE 9,which can make full use of several Windows 7 UI functions, including Jumplist. To make your website use Windows 7 and IE 9 features up to full potential, try out IE9 Creator. It is a small tool which generates code snippet for creating a website with IE 9 features. It takes only basic set of information, like, Website name, Tooltip, Start URL and importantly Window Size (Width and Height) to enclose the provided info into your website header meta tags.

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Once generated, all you need is to copy the snippet and past it underneath the <head> tag of your website master/index page. The application is in beta testing phase, hence others features, including Jumplist support, are not included yet. Hopefully, we will able to see jumplist support with other essential Windows 7 UI features in next iteration.

Download IE9 Creator


  1. My concern, of course, is that this kind of thinking will result in web site which, in fact, do not display properly in all browsers. I prefer (and prefer to use) IE, so it isn’t a complaint coming from a Firefox or Chrome lover when I say that browser-specific web sites are just a bad idea.

    I’ve taken to task those, arrogant, who insert code into their pages which makes them not work in IE, and so which take the user to a page which chides them for their stupidity for using IE, and then links them to “a real browser” or “a better browser” or “an upgraded” browser, said link being to either Firefox or Chrome or both.

    It’s just as wrong to intentionally create web sites which don’t display to their full potential unless viewed in IE (no matter the version).

    The word “standards” has only one (relevant to this subject) meaning.

    Gregg DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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