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Quickly Set Any Solid Color As Desktop Background With LoneColor

Being a blogger and someone who tests software as his primary job, screenshots are quite vital to my work. Along with adding a visual aspect to my reviews, they also help users easily understand the things I try to demonstrate. Therefore, something that has so much importance needs to be done with carefully chosen backgrounds and optimum quality. Speaking of backgrounds, a solid background color often aids in presenting things more clearly, but constantly moving back and forth between plain colored backgrounds and other wallpapers can itself be a waste of time. Recently I stumbled upon a great software labeled LoneColor and it happened to be quite a time saver in my work. The application allows changing the background to any solid color like yellow, pink, green, black etc. with a mere click. Lets find out how it works.

LoneColor boasts what could appropriately be called a zero interface. All it does is switch the background to a solid color when you double click its EXE file. In addition, it’s a portable app and hence doesn’t require to be installed either. To start off, download LoneColor via the download link provided at the end of this post, double click its executable file and bingo! Your background wallpaper will be swapped with some random solid color. You may require to run the app in elevated mode via ‘Run as administrator’ action if UAC is enabled.

LoneColor_Run As Admin

When doubled clicked again, the screen automatically flashes and changes color to a different background. I can’t seem to remember coming across an app that allows changing backgrounds in such an easy way and interestingly, every time you execute it, a new color pops up. Black, blue, white, green, blue, grey – all are in there. And at times, it may surprise you with some snazzy bright color that you might be seeking.


If you don’t quite like the random color selection LoneColor throws every time, you can also enter a custom color name or HEX code via renaming the app. For instance, if you fancy white, you can simply rename the app to ‘LoneColorWhite’ (without quotations) to change the background to white color whenever required. The app only recognizes a limited selection of custom color names, however, and I hope more choices are added in future updates. You can still specify any color with HEX codes (e.g. “LoneColor #1EBFC5” for a retro shade of teal).


In a nutshell, LoneColor is very simple and unique app that can prove to be fairly useful for those who often need to switch their desktop background color. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Download LoneColor

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