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Mousenitor Prevents Your Mouse From Spilling Over To Multiple Monitors

Many users have been tormented by the problem of being unable to control their mouse from spilling over to another monitor unnecessarily. Mousenitor is an open source application designed for users having multiple monitors that allows deactivating the mouse from moving across other screens. It can be activated and deactivated instantly and for a set period of time, along with the option to set custom hotkeys for specific commands.

Double-click on the Mousenitor application to open Settings for configuring advanced options. By default, a Global profile is activated for users which can be replaced by other profiles that can be added from the Add New profile button. Likewise, profiles can be edited and removed from the Edit and Delete buttons. To add any custom keys, simply tick the check boxes next to the hotkey or command that you wish to activate. For example, to add a key for seeing the Setting panel , the Shift key can be added. However, it is worth mentioning here that adding hot keys as simple as the Shift key can result in a conflict with default and customized commands for other programs.


Once functional, Mousenitor can be accessed from the system tray. From here it can be deactivated, temporarily activated (for a set period of time), hidden from the system tray and exited.


Mousenitor is a remedy for those who have been affected by the ailment of being unable to control their mouse movement across multiple monitors.

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