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Pulse Rotates Windows 7 Logon Screen Background & Wallpaper Periodically

Remember previously covered Pulse which dynamically changes wallpaper based on the keywords after a defined time interval? It works on a simple principle; you enter keyword against which you want to initiate search for wallpapers on online resource and it will download and apply them automatically. Recently, Pulse has been updated with a huge online wallpaper archive and a feature to dynamically change Windows logon background. Furthermore, the problems we faced in previous version while downloading wallpapers in maximum available resolution has been resolved in this update. The new wallpaper source detects keywords in English directly (the previous version used Google Translate to translate English terms into Russian).

On the main interface, you will see Set wallpaper as logon background option. Now, enter the keyword to download and apply wallpaper, select online source – wallbase or Rewalls, update time interval, and then enable set wallpaper as logon background option. Once done, click apply to rotate desktop wallpaper and Windows logon screen background after every set time interval.

pulse cloud 2

According to developer, you will not see any exception prompts and crashes when your internet connection is disabled or not active. Unlike previous version, it can now stay in system tray as long as you don’t quit it. It works on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  1. I have a very clean system which was installed few weeks back (windows 7 ultimate).

    This applications crashes and outputs way too many errors. for a beta this is very unstable.


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