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Input Director: Share Keyboard And Mouse Between Mutliple Computers

Input Director is a simple utility which enables you to use a single keyboard and mouse (attached to one computer) with multiple computers which are connected across the network. With the help of hotkeys or mouse pointer movement, you can select which computer gets the shared keyboard and mouse input. Furthermore, you can also share clipboard across all the connected computers.

Its configuration is simple and easy. Install the application on all connected computers on which you want to share keyboard and mouse. It works on Master and Slave phenomenon, thus you need to configure at least one system as Master, and other(s) as Slave. To set a system as Master,  launch the application and hit the Enable as Master button available under the Main tab. You can register hotkey to quickly start sharing  keyboard & mouse with other connected systems.

When system is enabled in Master mode, it will notify you about master mode being enabled with no slave systems configured. Now go to Master Configuration tab and hit Add button available at the bottom of the window. From Hostname, enter the name of node which is to be configured as slave and hit OK, it will instantly list down the slave system’s host name along with showing the response status of slave system.

After you’ve  done with setting  master system. Move to the other system (Slave System) and enable it as slave by clicking on the Enable as Slave button. Now from Slave Configuration tab, you will need to add a master system which you have just configured by specifying host name.You also need to specify master system(s) to be connected with, for this, you can either enter host name of master system or allow access to all systems on the network. Once slave system is configured, click OK.

Now you can start sharing master system’s keyboard & mouse with all the configured slave(s) system. Just move the mouse pointer to extreme right side of  the screen to show on the slave’s computer and start controlling the slave’s computer as if you are handling a single system.  You can also set Macros, configure Master Preferences and Global preferences from respective tabs available on the interface. It sits in the system tray letting you access it anytime with a simple click.

If you are connected with Home network and are in need to use and control multiple systems concurrently, this application will wholly satisfy you. It may also be helpful in corporate sector, where the demonstration of a complex project needs multiple systems to be used and controlled through single peripheral set. As the usage is simple and it hosts multiple  features and other complementary options, it will be useful for both an advanced user and average Joe alike.

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Input Director

For more, also check out Win2VNC and Synergy+.


  1. i have followed the steps as mentioned above but when i am trying to addd the salve in the mater computer , it always shows me the message slave “computer name” didnt respond
    my master computer os is windows 2003
    and slave windows 7
    input director Version installed in both machines: 1.2.2
    will there be any compability problem ?

    • more info :both the systems are in network , and i have used same credentials to log in both the systems …
      ant sort of help or suggestions are appreciated 🙂 …. thanks in advance …

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