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Stop/Prevent Installation In Windows 7

Recently I got an email from a reader who asked,

I’m a Mac user; my family has succumbed to the price wars and bought a PC with Windows 7. I have created a user account for my 8yr old son who quickly downloaded Google chrome! How can I prevent users from installing software? Any suggestions?

When you create a standard account for any user, he/she will not be able to install any application by default. For example, when I tried to install Opera via a standard user account, the following permission error was displayed.

Opera error standard user

But for Google Chrome it is a very different story. The above message is displayed if the app is using Windows installer, which is the case in 99% of all apps. Google Chrome doesn’t install itself to Program Files folder, not does it use the default Windows installer, also it bypasses all administrator privileges restriction in Windows.

This is why anyone with standard user account can install Google Chrome easily. Since the Windows standard account doesn’t allow installation of any apps without administrator permission, you are almost safe. Now simply block Google Chrome via Parental Controls and your son won’t be able to use Google Chrome too.

Head over to the Parental Controls(type it in Start Search) and choose the standard account to which you want to apply the control. Now click ‘Allow and Block Specific Programs’ link and choose ‘[User] can only use the programs I allow’ option.

After analyzing, it will show you the list of all programs installed on the system which can be used by the standard user. Hit the Check All button to allow all programs, then find and uncheck Chrome and other apps that you want to restrict. When done, hit OK.

Application Restrictions Windows 7

Additional Important Notes For Parents:

If your kids want to use a certain software and you find it safe to use. Log inside your Administrator account and install it from there. While installing, please select “Install for All Users” when prompted. Doing this will install the software for all users.


  1. Google Chrome can be installed on nonAdmin account. At first, Chrome asks for admin privileges then if denied it will be installed in the local user account i.e., your 8 y/o user account.

  2. This article primarily covers how to block a program from the auth list under parental controls after it’s been downloaded, not how to prevent installation. The title is misleading. Authenticating the machine against a domain controller is probably the only way to really lock down the controls.

  3. Maybe you have an 8 yr old smart engough to use google chrome instead of Internet Expander! You might think said 8 yr old knows how to use the computer better than the parent and probably prevents the parent from screwing things up.

  4. It´s just me or this way you have actually installed Chrome, maybe the reader who´s asking simply don´t want to clutter his pc with the Google Apps.

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