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Switch Between Up To Seven Default & Custom Power Plans From Windows System Tray

As PCs became more powerful, so are power hungry, and today, we have machines (mostly gaming PCs) that eat plenty of watts. While our desktops are always connected to an AC outlet, making us less concerned of power outage or anything, the story is a bit different when you are working on a Notebook, as proper power optimization is required to make the battery last longer, when we are not near an AC line. Luckily, Windows 7 comes with a power scheme switcher option containing three plans by default (High Performance, Balanced and Power Saver), which makes it easier to to optimize system performance. The downside however, is that it only allows you to switch between two power plans from its notification icon. This can be a major hindrance for people who continually find the need to switch between all three. Applications like previously reviewed Power Plan Assistant have pretty much taken care of this nuisance. However, various third-party solutions keep on adding new features to the mix. What such solution is Easy Power Plan Switcher, another similar, open source program that is extremely light and sits in the Windows system tray for easy access to all default battery power schemes. The twist here is that enlists a few custom schemes as well. This small utility definitely does a big job for laptop users looking for a way to manage battery life. More to follow.

The application itself doesn’t comprise of any major interface design. All there is, is it’s right click context menu, which can be accessed from notification icon. The green colored context menu houses all three available power plans. The currently selected power plan appears in bold and uppercase, under Active power scheme, making it easier to identify.

Easy Power Plan Swticher

You might have known that apart from the three default plans, Windows 7 also let you create custom power plans , if the available power plans don’t match your needs. Interestingly, the application can show up to seven different plans on the list. Under all the listed power plans, there is also an optional setting for whether to run the program at system startup. Finally, you can click Power options control panel to open up power options window, where you may tweak power settings according to your preferences or create new power plans.


The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions.

Download Easy Power Plan Switcher

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