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Unlock & Delete Empty Folders Using Wildcard-Based Rules

When you install a software in your computer, a new directory is automatically created to save the application’s files. This directory is then used to store everything related to the application, such as project data, log files etc. After a while, when you are done using the application, you uninstall it. Sometimes, during the uninstallation process, it happens that the application files are deleted, but the directories initially created by the program are left behind. Manually locating and deleting these empty folders is not an easy task, since a computer can have hundreds of empty folders depending on how much it has been in use. This creates a lot of clutter in your system over time. Empty Folder Cleaner is an application for Windows that allows you to locate and delete empty folders from your hard drive. You have the option to send the deleted files to the Recycle Bin, delete them directly, or create a backup before deletion. If the located folders are locked, you can unlock them before deletion using the built-in file and folder Unlocker.

The interface is available in 38 different languages. Moreover, the application allows you to specify wildcards for defining the types of files that will be considered to be junk files, specify directories to ignore during the scan, and protect certain files and folders (protected files and folders will not be deleted, even if they are marked as junk or empty folders).

When you run the application for the first time, you are asked to choose a default language from a list of 38 different ones.

Empty Folder Cleaner Language

The main interface of the program has folder tree on the left side, while options to Scan folders, Delete Empty Folders, Check All and Uncheck All found items are available in the right side. To scan your hard drive for empty folders, select the parent directories from the left side and click the Scan button. All the empty folders will be listed to the right side. You can Check All folders or choose a few of them for deletion. The program lists the folders in four types of categories: Empty, Junk, Protected and Normal. The items in each different category will have a different icon in the list.

Empty Folder Cleaner Main.png

The Options window can be accessed from the Tools menu at the top, and allows you to configure application behavior. You can choose to turn on Unlock files and folders before deleting them, ignore hidden files, always delete as administrator etc. You may also pick a default deletion mode from Keep backups, Delete to Recycle Bin and Delete Permanently. The other tabs in the Options dialog box let you specify Junk files, the directories to ignore while scanning, choose protected files and folders, and manage backups created by the application.

Options 1

During testing, we were not able to delete multiple empty folders at a time. Even after the scan was complete, the Delete Empty Folders button was not enabled. To delete a folder, you have to right-click it, and select Remove Empty Folders option to be able to delete it. However, this way, you can only delete one empty folder at a time. Hopefully, the developer will fix this glitch in the next release of the software.

Empty Folder Cleaner is available as both installable and portable packages, and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Empty Folder Cleaner

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