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Windows 7 Advanced Power Management

Looking for a laptop battery power manager that can efficiently manage the power plans and allows you to tweak the power profiles? Meet Power Plan Assistant. It is a free Power Management tool developed for Windows 7. Instead of changing the basic power management feature, it adds additional features which enhances the overall power of your laptop/netbook running Windows 7. So is it a Battery booster? No, but it helps increase the overall life of the battery. With this tool you can automatically switch between Windows default power plans – High Performance, Balanced, and Power Saver.

Just like Windows default power options, you can access Power Plan Assistant from system tray. Unlike the default power options, it shows all three power profiles, including High Performance, Balanced, and Power Saver, along with Power Off The Display to quickly turn off the monitor.

Power Plan Assistant

It will change to High Performance when power cable is plugged in, will change to Balanced when power cable is plugged out, and will change to Power Saver when batter is lower than 40%.

Power Plan Assistant Menu

You can also turn off your display by simple double-clicking the system tray icon. This can come useful if you want to save even the slightest of battery life (display alone can take up to 50% of battery power).

Download Power Plan Assistant


  1. Hi, i have install windows 8 on my notebook ivy bridge core i7 3610qm.
    When i change the max energy level of processor on advanced settings power plan from 100% to 99% or less windows 8 disable turbo boost tecnology,
    Example max frequency in turbo 3.20 mhz, max without turbo 2.30 mhz when i diminish the max level energy of processor 99% or less, frequency goes to 2.23mhz or less..
    In windows 7 that i use for about 2 month, when i try this the max goes 3.10mhz.
    this little option make my heating diminish around 8-10 degress celcius and this helps my notbook.
    Do you have any idea?
    ps i try to format more then once and the results are the same, i try many drivers like intel managemnt engine, chipset ecc, and i have read that other persons have the same issue.

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