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Windows 7 Batch File Rename, Copy, and Move

Suppose you went on a vacation to Paris, and now you want to move all files from the digital camera and rename them to Paris 01, Paris 02, and so on using this tool. Sadly such a feature is not available even in Windows, this is where 3rd party tools fill the space. Multifiler helps in renaming the files but it can also be a great tool for organizing files and images. And not only this, you can copy and move including Hidden, System, and Read Only files as well.


It seems that this tool might come useful to advanced users, since beginners would find it difficult to define the rename parameters. This it not the first tool that works on Windows 7, we have extensively covered various tools before that are compatible with Windows 7.

For the sake of convenience, I am listing some previously covered tools here:

Each and every one of the above mentioned tools are unique. Give them a shot and decide which one is the best for you. Enjoy!

Update: For more advanced renaming tools, check out FileGrinder and Advanced Renamer.

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