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Yes, It Is Time To Watch Hulu From Outside US Again

Who said Hulu can’t be watched from outside US? Just because Hulu blocked popular software HotSpot Shield doesn’t mean that you can’t use other VPN services to watch popular programs.

Update: HotSpot Shield 1.30 now supports Hulu streaming again.

Recently, I have been testing different VPN services and pitting them against each other. I have completely dumped HotSpot Shield for FreeVPN. But after a commenter Tima pointed me out to a long overlooked client called UltraVPN, I am having second thoughts.

The first thing I do when testing VPN clients is to watch programs on Hulu, if it works then it is an ultimate winner without question. HotSpot Shiled and FreeVPN both fails when it comes to watching videos on Hulu, UltraVPN on the other hand provides fast streaming and doesn’t slow down the buffering at all.

It works similar to FreeVPN, but you need to create a free account before you can use it. The good thing is that creating doesn’t take more than 2 seconds and providing email address is optional too. Just right-click the OpenVPN system tray icon, hit Connect, enter your username & password, and hit OK.


Once the connection has been established, enjoy the freedom of the Internet. Start using Hulu or any other website that is blocked outside US in blazing fast speed.

Hulu VPN

Yes it is awesome and it works. You can use Skype or any other VoIP software if they are blocked and can also use instant messengers if blocked.

Disclaimer: We are in no way related to UltraVPN, we simply find it too awesome to resist.

Download UltraVPN

It is opensource and cross-platform service. Installers for both Windows and Mac are available. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing Nakodari! I love Hulu plus especially because I can watch the latest Family Guy episodes 1 day after they air. If you live outside USA like me, you can use UnoTelly or other similar tools to access Hulu Plus overseas.

  2. Most issues with speed can be fixed with a good VPN provider.  Any weird-name VPN provider is not going to give you good speed, even HMA is downhill these days.

    For Hulu I wouldn’t move away from F2S.

    Decent internet + Free2Surf VPN = Hulu greatness. Cheap too.  Go ahead, you’ll thank me later.

  3. I would recommend you Super VPN company http://www.supervpn.net/
    They offer paid and free vpn services which provide you anonymous web surfing solution for personal and business use.
    Only $4 per month
    No bandwidth limitation
    Servers are available all the time

  4. Yes i agree with Davies, but if you have a good internet connection at least 4 Mbps and a good vpn provider then it shouldn’t be a problem.

  5. It’s really really slow you won’t be able to watch videos efficiently neither will you be able to download trust me i have tried it

  6. One way around these type of restrictions is to mask your IP address which will allow you to access various content you might not otherwise be able to access and it also allows you to surf the web more safely and protect your IP from being logged.

    • I got VERY VERY tired of free VPN services not working. I finally caved in and set up a VPNTelevision account last week. http://www.vpntelevision.com

      Thanks Brassballs for your advice!

      The basic package costs $55/year and allows you to choose between IP addresses in San Francisco, New York, and London. I generally test at about 28Mbps to the VPN server, which is not bad at all. Setup on my iPhones and iPod touch was very simple, as was setup on my Mac. Once you set up your VPN account details on the iPhone, a VPN toggle appears in the Settings app, between the Wi-Fi and Carrier settings, allowing for quick enabling of the VPN service whenever you need it. So I now have access to Pandora on the iPhone (which is, in a word, AWESOME), Hulu at home (again, VERY cool) and also Google Voice. With my jailbroken iPhone running GV Mobile + and Skype, I'm now able to make outgoing calls to anywhere in the U.S. free of charge, no matter where I am.

      So if anyone is on the fence about going the VPN route, after trying it out myself I can definitely say it's well worth the cost. Hulu and Pandora alone are worth more than $55/year to me (that's about how much a single month of cable costs!!) and the added bonus of being able to set up a Google Voice account is just icing on the cake. If anyone has any questions about how to set everything up, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer!

      Hope this helps!


  7. Site/Post owner please contact me at the email address attached with this post. I would like to give you an account on my VPN Service for review. So you can truly see the difference between paid and non-paid vpn services.

    Note: Most free services get banned after a time once the number of users connecting to hulu, pandora, etc from a single ip address reaches a threshold.

  8. After reading this article of yours concerning free VPNs I remembered the one I tried a couple of months ago ( it’s even faster then Ultra VPN). But the main thing is it’s for french users only, otherwise one can’t register free account and download their free VPN client. But as you well know there are a lot of high-anonymous proxies with french IP abailable on internet, so if your ethics allow you to do so- just go ahead. peer2me.com
    P.S. That website in french ( I used online translator), but somehow their VPN has a german IP.

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