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Download Windows 8 Developer Build Now, We Will Keep You Posted On What’s New

The recently held Windows 8 Build conference unveiled the core features of Windows 8 along with exclusive Windows 8 developer preview build. As you may already know that the Windows Developer Build is specifically designed for Windows application designers and developers to become familiar with application development related requirements, user interface of upcoming Windows version, and importantly to get a hang of how to take full advantage of Windows. Windows 8 developer preview has been developed on the very same lines, including many of the features and utilities of first stable version of Windows 8, which is envisaged to hit retail store next year.

If you’re an avid Windows 7 users and want to know what has been included in next version of Windows, you may download the officially released version of Windows 8 developer build. It must be noted that this edition is not stable nor does it include all the user interface related enhancements and other Window 8 features. However, you will get a glimpse of how Windows 8 works along with development kit which is solely responsible for developing applications for Windows 8.

For now, you can download Windows 8 developer build by hitting up link below. For those who are eagerly waiting for details on what’s new in Windows 8, we will be covering Windows 8 all week long. Stay tuned!

Download Windows 8 Developer Build

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