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68 Best Android Apps Of The Year 2014

This is easily one of the longest lists in our annual app round-up for 2014. We definitely saw a lot of great apps this past year but in review one thing that stands out is that 2014 was a year when lots of big names in both iOS and desktop apps came to the Android platform. It’s a mark of just how popular the platform is and how very resilient it’s growth has been. There are some great new apps and widgets in the list.  If Android Lollipop hasn’t rolled out for your device just yet, you might find an app that brings some features from the OS to your device without the upgrade. Enjoy!


1. Shift (Use Exposure And Color Point Control To Create Unique Filters)

shift_select_points Shift

2. Tunity (A Shazam-Like App That Sends TV Channel Audio To Your Device)


3. Now Gesture Tweaks (Modify The Google Now Gesture To Launch Apps Or Perform Other Actions)

Now Gesture Tweaks Now Gesture Tweaks action

4. Calltag (Send A Message To Let Someone Know Why You’re Calling)

Calltag_name Calltag no

5. TakeOff (Schedule Instagram Posts At Regular Intervals For The Day)

options TakeOff

6. SwiP – ProfileSwitcher (Trigger Based Profile Switcher For Sound, Display, WiFi, & More)

SwiP - ProfileSwitcher SwiP - ProfileSwitcher eidt

7. Calc+ (Edit Numbers & Functions Mid Calculation And Add Constants)

Calc Calc trig

8. EZ UnEXIF Free (Clean All EXIF Data From Your Photos Before Sharing Them)

EZ  EZ action

9. Horizon (Never Record Another Vertical Video Again)

Horizon record

10. Chat Lock (Prevents Access To Facebook, Messenger, & Whatsapp)

Chat Lock services Chat Lock password

11.  Call Planner (An App That Schedules Phones Calls With Reminders)

Call Planner_reminder Call Planner options

12. Car Logbook (Record Maintenance Costs & Set Reminders For Your Vehicles)

Car Logbook nav Car Logbook fuel

13. Month: The Calendar Widget (Does Everything & Looks Great)

Month Month settings

14. Ignore No More (Locks Phones When Kids Don’t Answer A Parent’s Call)

Ignore No More permissions Ignore No More lock screen

15. Andrognito (Hide Any And All Types Of Files On Your Android Device)

Andrognito PIN Andrognito add files

16. QwickNote (Gesture Based Note Taking App With Text, Photo, Voice Memo & Reminder)

QwickNote QwickNote new note

17. Rotation (Gives You Complete, Per-App Control Over Your Device’s Orientation)

Rotation On Rotation floating head

18. Pale Moon (Firefox On Steroids)

Screenshot_2014-07-25-15-58-45 Screenshot_2014-07-25-15-59-26

19. Smart Selfie (Get Audio Guided Instructions For Taking Selfies With The Rear Camera)

Smart Selfie settings Smart Selfie change settings

20. Mr. Silent, Auto silent mode (Set Device To Silent Or Vibrate Based On Time, Location, Event, Or Contact)

Mr. Silent dashboard Mr. Silent, Auto time slot

21. Search Everything (Index All Internal Storage Files, OS Included)

Search Everything_Main Search Everything_Search

22. StuffMerge Message Wizard (Gather & Arrange Clipboard Text Into A Single Message)

StuffMerge pause StuffMerge copy

23. TimeAway (Parental Control App)

TimeAway_Main TimeAway_Apps

24. Sleep Timer (Set A Timer To Sleep Your Device And Turn Off Music)

Sleep Timer activate Sleep Timer timer

25. Smart Phone Lock (Use Date Or Time With Modifier Rules To Set A Dynamic PIN)

Smart Phone Lock activate Smart Phone Lock default pin

26.  Shift Work Schedule (Customizable Calendar That Follows Your Work Week)

Shift Work Schedule  Shift Work Schedule week

27. Heads-up notifications (Get Android Lollipop’s Heads-up Notifications)

Heads-up notifications Heads-up notifications email

28. Apk Downloader Extension (By-Pass All Restrictions To Download App APKs Directly To Your Device)

Apk Downloader Extension Apk Downloader Extension permission

29. Z Launcher (Nokia’s Groundbreaking Z Launcher For Android)

ZLauncher - SetupZLauncher - IntroZLauncher - Test 2

30. ContactBox (Privately Share Contacts Between Android And iOS Devices)

ContactBox Sign Up ContactBox Confirm

31. Echo Notification Lockscreen (Echo Sorts Alerts By Type On Your Lockscren)

Echo Lockscreen_Intro Echo Lockscreen_Enable

32. Vibify (Get Smart Alert From TouchWiz To All Android Devices)

Vibify_Intro Vibify_Enable

33. LenX (Take Long Exposure Shots & Adjust Exposure Level)


34. QuickClick (Map Volume Keys To Perform Quick Actions )

QuickClick Main QuickClick New

35. Whistle Phone Finder (Whistle To Locate Your Phone)

Whistle Phone Finder_Detection Whistle Phone Finder_Sound

36. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar_Main Sunrise Calendar New Event

37. Tomi File Manager (Manage Files And Batch Uninstall Apps)

Tomi File Manager Tomi File Manager_Pictures

38. Food Builder (Get You Nutrition Information Based On Your Ingredients)

ingredient categories ingredient info

39. Cobrets (One Tap Widget To Toggle Four Pre-set Brightness Levels)

states values

40.  Octo – Auto Settings (Create Location Based Sound Profiles)

action settings action settings

41. Wifi Manager (Save Battery By Disabling WiFi When Out Of Range)

Wireless Manager_Main Wireless Manager_Wifi Off

42. Party Player (Get Song Requests From Your Friends By SMS & Automatically Play Them)

Party Player_Main Party Player_How to

43. Notify! (Selectively View Notifications From Apps On Your Home & Lock Screen)

Notify_widget 1 Notify_Widget 2

44. MultiWindow Sidebar (Run Apps In Split-Screen View & Switch From Sidebar)

MultiWindow Sidebar_Main MultiWindow Sidebar_1

45. IFTTT For Android

If this actions

46. Flo (Learn How Well You Drive &  Improve On It)

drive flo status bar

47. Blood Alcohol Finder (Keep Alcohol Levels In Check)

create profile profile

48. Holo Label Widget (Add Text Labels To Your Home Screen)

Holo Label Widget_Widget Area Holo Label Widget_Settings

49. Whistle Camera – Selfie & More (Listens For An Audio Cue & Snaps A Picture)


50. Coursera for Android

Coursera_Login Coursera_Main

51. Navigation Layer (Perform Countless Actions On Android Using Edge Gestures)

Navigation Layer for Android 1 Navigation Layer for Android 4

52. KMPlayer For Android 

KMPlayer for Android 1 KMPlayer for Android 2

53. Multitasking (Simultaneous, Windowed Use Of Multiple Common Apps)

Multitasking Multitasking_Apps2 Multitasking_Apps

54. Astrill VPN (Secure, Region Restriction-Free Browsing On Android)

Astrill VPN_Login Astrill VPN_Main_off Astrill VPN_VPN types

55. Muzei (Live Wallpaper That Switches Backgrounds From Configurable Sources)

Muzei Android (1) Muzei Android (2)

56. Don’t Pause (Automatically Mutes Notifications While You’re Listening To Music)

Don't Pause Don't Pause_Start

57. AVG Wifi Assistant (Toggle Wi-Fi On Android Based On Cell Tower Signal Strength)

AVG Wifi Assistant_Intro AVG Wifi Assistant_Main AVG Wifi Assistant_Add New Net

58. B1 Free Archiver (Compress To & Extract From Several Archive Formats)

B1 Free Archiver_Main B1 Free Archiver_Menu B1 Free Archiver_View

59. MultiROM (Boot Multiple Android ROMs On Droid DNA)

MultiROM-for-Android-1 MultiROM-for-Android-2 MultiROM-for-Android-3

60. Ashampoo Snap (Capture, Edit & Annotate Screenshots On Android With Ashampoo Snap)

Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot_Main Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot_Tools Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot_Draw

61. RootCloak Plus (Cydia) (Prevent Individual Apps From Detecting Root On Android )

RootClock Plus for Android 1 RootClock Plus for Android 2

62. GalleryNext (CyanogenMod’s New GalleryNext App For All Devices)

CyanogenMod GalleryNext Beta for Android 1 CyanogenMod GalleryNext Beta for Android 2 CyanogenMod GalleryNext Beta for Android 3

63. Udemy For Android

Udemy_Signin Udemy_Discover Udemy_Categories

64. ScanWritr (A Robust Document Scanner For Android With Annotation Features)

ScanWritr ScanWritr_Scan ScanWritr_Crop

65. Battery Kit (Benchmark & Calibrate Your Android Device’s Battery )

Battery Kit_Mainq Battery Kit_Test Battery Kit_Controls

65. AcDisplay (Get Moto X’s Active Display To Any Android 4.4+ Device)

AcDisplay for Android 01 AcDisplay for Android 02 AcDisplay for Android 03

66. Auto Finder (Keep Track Of Where You Park Your Car)

Auto Finder_Map Auto Finder_Save Auto Finder_History

67. viaProtect (View The Countries & Organizations Android Apps Send Data )

viaProtect_SignUp viaProtect_Main

68. RAR for Android (Official RAR Archiving App)

RAR for Android_Main RAR for Android_Options RAR for Android_Open


  1. Wow! Great list. Usually (Always) when I see a list like this I know every app on it. Not with yours. Got a few new apps I’m looking at!

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