Best 150 Browser Extensions And Web Apps Of 2011 [Editor’s Pick]

Whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC, you’re still using the same internet. Your online peeves, annoyances and frustrations are similar, and you are likely to look for the same kind of services and apps. In 2011, we covered hundreds of web apps, and extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Some aimed to help you find simple solutions, like printing only relevant parts of a web page, while others helped you design webpage mockups. Here’s a round up of the best web apps and extensions we covered last year.

Chrome Extensions

1. 8Cookies (Save and sync browsing session to the cloud with 8cookies)

8 cookies Best 150 Browser Extensions And Web Apps Of 2011 [Editors Pick]View in gallery

2. Mailto: (Open Mailto: Links with your preferred email service provider)

Options  thumb Best 150 Browser Extensions And Web Apps Of 2011 [Editors Pick]View in gallery

3. Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar (Export your Facebook events to Google Calendar in Chrome)

facebook-event-to-google-calendarView in gallery

4. MapMe (Search places on Google Maps from the context menu in Chrome)

mapmeView in gallery

5. Read WSJ Extension (Legally bypass paywall on WSJ and read articles for free in Chrome)

read WSJ extensionView in gallery

6. Facebook Video Downloader (Download and embed Facebook videos with Chrome extension)

facebook video downloaderView in gallery

7. Print Using Google Cloud Print (Print web pages, images and emails using Google Cloud Print)

Print-Using-Google-Cloud-PrintView in gallery

8. Mega Button (Access history, downloads, about pages etc, from toolbar in Chrome)

mega buttonView in gallery

9. Thin Scroll Bar (Shrink the scroll bar in Chrome for more visual space)

thin-chrome-scrollbarView in gallery

10. OmniMail for GMail (Compose mail to Gmail contacts from omniBar (address Bar) in Chrome)

View in gallery

11. Snooze Your Email For Gmail (Schedules email notifications in Chrome)

Snooze your Email for GmailView in gallery

12. WhatFont (Identify fonts used on websites)

What fontView in gallery

13. Blank Canvas Signature for Gmail (Manage signatures for multiple email accounts in Gmail)

blank canvas signature for GmailView in gallery

14. LinkClump (Open multiple links at the same time in Chrome)

linkclumpView in gallery

15. ProxyTube (Watch location restricted YouTube videos in Chrome)

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. - Google ChromeView in gallery

16. Close Tabs (Close tabs by category in Chrome)

Close TabsView in gallery

17. Cloud Save (Save files and images to the cloud from Chrome)

cloud save chromeView in gallery

18. Fastest Tube (Add option in YouTube to download videos in Chrome)

Youtube DownloaderView in gallery

19. Checker Plus Lite for Google Calendar (Get Google Calendar events notifications on desktop in Chrome)

IconView in gallery

20. Droid Code (Display QR codes of Android apps in android market)

QR-code-android-market_thumb[1]_thumbView in gallery

21. SocialGmail (Display avatars with emails in Gmail in Chrome)

MailView in gallery

22. Revert Facebook Photo Viewer (Get old Facebook photo viewer back in Chrome)

facebook 2View in gallery

23. MultiPart Tube (Play all parts of YouTube videos in Chrome)

Part 1View in gallery

24. YouTube Controls (Control YouTube from Chrome toolbar and play videos in loop)

YouTube ControlView in gallery

25. MoveThemAll (Move photos from one Facebook album to another)

MoveThemAll select albumView in gallery

26. Facebook Photo Uploader (Drag & drop images to create albums in Chrome)

FB Uploader add imagesView in gallery

27. Insert Text (Enters frequently used text from right-click menu in Chrome)

Insert Text menuView in gallery

28. WAV Player For Gmail (Play WAV files in Gmail attachments without downloading them)

wavView in gallery

29. Chrome Daltonize (Web page color correction for the color blind)

deuteranope simulateView in gallerydeutarnopeChrome DaltonizeView in gallery

30. YoutTube Autoplay Disabled (Stop YouTube videos from automatically buffering and playing in Chrome) and YouTube Autoplay Stopper (Stop YouTube videos from automatically playing in Firefox)

youtubeView in gallery

31. Page Snooze (Hide tabs and schedule them to open later in Chrome)

contextmenuView in gallery

32. refDot (automatically generate references for books on Amazon- Chrome)

amazonView in gallery

33. Tabulate! (Send multiple open tabs to others at once)

URLView in gallery

34. Better Omnibox ( Search bookmarks and history using Chrome Omnibar)

omniboxView in gallery

35. Visual Hashing (Incorrect password detection in Firefox & Chrome)

loginView in gallery

36. Scroll2Navigate (Get Mac’s scroll to navigate feature in windows & other OS)

scrollView in gallery

37. Video Controller (Control YouTube playback from Chrome toolbar)

controlView in gallery

38. Quick Login For Google Accounts (Quickly manage & switch multiple Gmail/Google accounts in Chrome)

quicklogin-optionsView in gallery

39. Flash Control (Stop sites from Auto playing flash content in Chrome)

blockedView in gallery

40. CC:to me ( Email any web content to yourself)

dragView in gallery

41. Context ( Disable & group extensions in Chrome)

Context - Options add new groupView in gallery

42. close… NOT! (Prevent closing multiple tabs accidentally in Chrome)

closenotView in gallery

43. Chrome Assistant ( Convert speech to executable browsing commands)

Chrome assistant speakView in gallery

44. Scrollbar Of Contents ( Generate clickable headings on the scrollbar In Chrome)

Scroll barView in gallery

45. RadioEnhancer (Get track change alerts and remove ads from Pandora in Chrome)

without adsView in gallery

46. Chrome Remote Desktop (Remotely control computers through Chrome)

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA connectionView in gallery

47. Gmail Attachments To Docs (Save file directly to Google Docs)

Gmail Attachments To DocsView in gallery

48. What’s Up! for Facebook (Desktop alerts of Facebook activity in Chrome)

What's Up! for FacebookView in gallery

49. Prevent Duplicate Tabs (Prevents openings multiple tabs of the same site)

Prevent Duplicate Tabs blueView in gallery

50. Gtalklet (Chat using Google Talk while surfing any website)

Gtalklet chat popupView in gallery

51. FB Refresh (Changes Facebook login background in Chrome)

FB-Login-Screen-Changer.jpgView in gallery

52. ToCal (Add events to Google calendar from context menu in Chrome)

toCalView in gallery

53. Photo Importer (Exports Facebook albums to Google+)

Photo Importer Google View in gallery

54. Open Document in Google Docs Viewer (Open PDF, PPT & Word files in Google Docs from Firefox context menu)

Open Document in Google Docs ViewerView in gallery

Firefox Add-ons

55. Sailor Shortcuts (Assign keyboard shortcuts to open your favorite websites)

Sailor Shortcuts OptionsView in gallery

56. Auto Shutdown NG (Automatically shutdown your system after downloads complete)

Auto Shutdown NG - PreferencesView in gallery

57. QuickFox Notes (Create and save notes to Google Docs in Firefox)

Quickfox-notesView in gallery

58. Firefox Plumber (Stop Firefox memory leak)

foxboostView in gallery

59. What’s That Preference (Quick reference Firefox about:config preferences on MozillaZine)

what's that preferenceView in gallery

60. Preferences Cleaner (Preferences cleaner clears Firefox add-on preferences or exports them)

View in gallery

61. DownloadsInMenubar (Display downloads in menu bar instead of separate window in Firefox)

slyfox View in gallery

62. Sugestron Speed Dial (Get Chrome’s speed dial feature in Firefox)

Speed DialView in gallery

63. Download Scheduler (Schedule Firefox downloads for off-peak time)

scheduler 2View in gallery

64. Focus Keyboard (Add keyboard enhancements to Firefox)

Focus Keyboard PreferencesView in gallery

65. GrooveControl (Add Grooveshark playback and playlist controls in Firefox 4 status bar)

groovecontrol 1View in gallery

66. Advanced Search (Extend search engine options in Firefox)

Advanced SearchView in gallery

67. Open In Chrome (Open all Firefox tabs in Chrome from tool menu)

Open In ChromeView in gallery

68. Cookie Controller (View & manage cookies from Firefox add-on bar)

Cookie ControllerView in gallery

69. Tab Notifier (Displays desktop notifications when the title of a tab changes, or when you receive instant messages on various social networking sites, even when the tab is not focused.)

facebookView in gallery gmailView in gallery

70. UnloadTabs (Unload inactive tabs and reduce resource usage in Firefox)

unloadtabsView in gallery

71. Yoono ( Combine Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Other feeds In Firefox)

networksView in gallery

72. Tile Tabs (Display multiple websites in a single tab in Firefox)

tabsView in gallery

73. Pdf.js (Open PDF files and links to PDF files directly in Firefox)

pdf.js FirefoxView in gallery

74. NoScript ( Provides enhanced security features for Firefox)

context menu View in gallery

75. ReaderSharer (Restore sharing options for new Google Reader)

oldView in gallery

76. (Removes clutter from YouTube and Amazon)

Clea.NrView in gallery

77. Paste & Search (Add paste & search option to Firefox context menu for quick searches)

Paste & SearchView in gallery

78. Print Edit (Edit unwanted content when printing web pages in Firefox) & Print Plus (Select & Print important sections of a webpage in Chrome)

Print Plus selected textView in gallery

79. Screenshoter (Fast and simplified screen capturing tool for Firefox)

Screenshoter toolbar buttonView in gallery

80. Does Amazon Ship to? (Check if Amazon items can be shipped to your country before checkout)

amazon ship toView in gallery

81. MouseControl (Switch tabs, zoom and reopen with mouse buttons in Firefox)

MouseControl-Trigger-LayoutView in gallery

82. AdBlock Video (Blocks Ads on Hulu, CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox)

adblockvideoView in gallery

83. Open in Browser (Open files in text, web page, source, XML and image format)

Open in Browser optionsView in gallery

Web Apps

84. ifttt (Set conditions to trigger activity from one service to another)

ifttt  descriptionView in gallery

85. Android Push Contacts (Add contacts to Android from browser and send/reply to SMS from Gtalk)

GTalk-BotView in gallery

86. Open ZIP and RAR With GDocs (Open Zip & RAR Files online using Google Docs in Chrome)

Open-ZIP-and-RAR-GDocsView in gallery

87. Find People On Plus (Find Google+ profiles by name, profession & more)

find people on plusView in gallery

88. ccLoop (Create email groups, view & manage attachments from them)

ccLoop addictivetipsView in gallery

89. PDFescape (Add text, images & form fields to any PDF file online with PDFescape)

PDFescape controlsView in gallery

90. Copygram (Search & download Instagram images without an account)

CopygramView in gallery

91. Filefly (Upload and share files upto 2GB on Facebook)

filefly upload filesView in gallery

92. Sheepser (Share and bypass restricted MegaVideo videos)

VideoView in gallery

93. Swiffy (Converts Flash SWF Files to HTML5)

SwiffyView in gallery

94. Boxmeupapp (Add self updating QR code labels on boxes for easier organization)

BoxmeupView in gallery

95. Postcron (Schedule your Facebook posts and status updates)

PostcronView in gallery

96. FileStork (Send email requests so others can upload files to your Dropbox account)

File request  FileStorkView in gallery


97. sideCLOUDload (Download files directly to Dropbox in any folder & your email inbox)

sideCLOUDloadView in gallery

98. DropTunes (Play music files directly from your Dropbox account)

DropTunesView in gallery

99. (Design and test mock ups for iPhone web apps)

mokkView in gallery

100. Mockup Builder (Design desktop apps and web UI prototypes)

Mockup BuilderView in gallery

101. Otixo (Access all online files across different services from a single app)

otixo service syncView in gallery

102. ( Find music for your daily run)

jog.fmView in gallery

103. Bookmarklet Combiner (Create your own bookmarklet or combine several bookmarks in one)

Bookmarklet CombinerView in gallery

104. NoteOnHand (Push notes from your desktop browser to Android device)

noteonhandView in gallery

105. ClipConverter (Removed due to Google policy violation)

106. (20GB online storage to save and stream media files)

fetcio 1View in gallery

107. Dropdo (Share and view files in any format online)

DropdoView in gallery

108. ZipList (Create Shopping Lists & Search Receipes)

View in gallery

109. pdfy (Converts source code to PDF file)

pdfy - Source Code . Syntaxhighlighter . PDF - Mozilla FirefoxView in gallery

110. Extragram (Extended instagram functionality on the web)

Extragram - Mozilla FirefoxView in gallery

111. FileTweet (Send heavy files to your Twitter friends with FileTweet)

Sign inView in gallery

112. Megaupload Skip Time (Bypass Megaupload time restriction in Chrome)

megaupload 21View in gallery

113. Croppr (Enhances the ability of Chrome to display images)

CropprView in gallery

114. Website Blocker (Block website within defined time range in Chrome)

faceView in gallery

115. CSS3.0 Maker (Get CSS code for border, box shadow effects and more)

Box Shadow  CSS 3View in gallery

116. JPEGmini (Compress JPEGs to reduce size without losing image quality)

JPEGminiView in gallery

117. Color Scheme Designer (Make complex color schemes & export as Photoshop, HTML & GIMP Palette)

Color Scheme DesignerView in gallery

118. LiveMinutes (Live sharing & collaboration tool with Skype integration)

host a meetingView in gallery

119. Tripomatic (Plan your dream holiday with Tripomatic)

mapView in gallery

120. CoverCanvas (Create custom cover photos for Facebook timeline profile)

coverView in gallery

121. Dragbox ( Drag & share source code without signing up)

dropView in gallery

122. Graph Words (Understand words and their meanings visually)

ResultView in gallery

123. Google Flights ( Find & Book flights with the cheapest fares)

flightsView in gallery

124. Stypi (Chat & code in real time by sharing a URL)

Stypi - Mozilla FirefoxView in gallery

125. Tagmydoc ( Upload documents & presentations and add QR codes)

TagMyDoc upload docView in gallery

126. Scrolldit (Browse Reddit With a visually appealing Metro UI)

ScrollditView in gallery

127. PsykoPaint (Turn photos Into stunning paintings with stylish brushes)

colorsView in gallery

128. Jux (Create beautiful & elegant Flipboard-style web content for iPad)

Jux_AddtipsView in gallery

129. ( Instantly convert web pages to PDF)

generatepdfView in gallery

130. (Edit and add cartoon & avatar effects to your photos)

cartoonsView in gallery

131. Google Correlate (Draw graphs and view corresponding search trends)

drawingView in gallery

132. FormBakery (Instantly Create deployable web forms)

FormBakery View in gallery

133. (Get public link while keeping files private in Dropbox)

Pancake.io_View in gallery

134. Shapecatcher ( Easily recognize unicode characters by sketching them)

ShapecatcherView in gallery

135. CiteThisForMe (Quickly generate references in Harvard referencing style)

websiteView in gallery

136. Makebadge (Create business cards & badges in only a few clicks)

card (2)View in gallery

137. Asana (Allows free project management and collaboration)

asanaaView in gallery

138. Mingly (Stay connected with all your social networks through Gmail)

accountsView in gallery

139. LyricStatus (Update Facebook status with your favorite lyrics)

LyricsstatusView in gallery

140. FileLab Video Editor (Add filters & transition effects to videos)

FileLab transition effectsView in gallery

141. justbeamit (Offers peer to peer (P2P) file sharing without signup)

justbeamitView in gallery


142. PicYou (Add effects to photos & upload to Facebook Instagram style)

View in gallery

143. Screenfly (Test websites on desktop, tablet & mobile resolutions)

Screenfly android viewView in gallery

144. InstaFB (Import pictures from your Instagram account to Facebook)

instafb transferringView in gallery

145. ChimpFeedr (Mix your favorite RSS feeds into one)

ChimpFeedrView in gallery


146. Cammster (Use your webcam as online motion detecting security system)

Run CammsterView in gallery

147. DocsPal (Online audio, video, image and document format converter)

DocsPalView in gallery

148. (Search email attachments, download & send to Dropbox)

send to dropboxView in gallery

149. Cantio (Stream music from YouTube in a Grooveshark like interface)

CantioView in gallery

150. Not Sharing My Info (Create an obscure email & hide your online identity on any site)

Anonymous emailView in gallery

Hopefully, you’ll leave this list knowing a reliable way to convert file formats, watch unlimited movies, share files over Facebook and manage your email signature for multiple Gmail accounts. Undoubtedly, we covered more than 150 apps and extensions last year, but some of your favorite ones might not have made the cut. You can still read about them on the site using the Search function on top, and/or sound off in the comments to let us know about an app or extension that you would have liked to see.

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