100 Best Google Chrome Extensions Of 2013

2013 is now gone, but before we jump to 2014 with new hopes and resolutions, it’s time to take a look at some of the best bits from last year. We’ve already shown you the best Android, iOSWindows Phone and Windows apps from last year, and now it’s time to look at browser extensions. So, let’s start with the most brilliant Google Chrome apps and extensions we covered in 2013. Some were simply updates that brought additional functionality to the table, some replaced Google’s boring New Tab page into something wonderful, while others simply made Chrome even better in other ways.

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Note that the order of appearance of extension in this list is merely based on our coverage time, and does not reflect any ranking.

1. YouTube Couch Mode (Control YouTube and Vimeo playback from your iOS or Android device.)

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2. Surf (A BitTorrent extension that lets you search for and download torrents directly from within the browser.)

BitTorrent Surf search engineView in gallery

3. Chime (Get desktop notifications for Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, Github, Flickr, Stack Overflow, and Foursquare.)

Chime setupView in gallery

4. Google Multi-Account Launcher (Sign into and use multiple Google accounts within one Chrome window.)

Google Multi-Account LauncherView in gallery

5. No Hulu Ads (Automatically mutes Hulu ads in Chrome, and then shows a desktop notification when the ad has ended.)

No Hulu AdsView in gallery

6. Smooth Key Scroll (Remove scrolling jitter in Chrome when scrolling the web pages using the keyboard arrow keys.)

Smooth Key Scroll optionsView in gallery

7. Cloudy (Attach files to your emails from a wide array of cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Facebook, Picasa,  and more.)

Cloudy dropboxView in gallery

8. The Great Suspender (Suspend tab loaingd in Chrome to save memory and get smoother web browsing experience on old machines.)

The Great SuspenderView in gallery

9. Dead Simple Screen Sharing (Stream any tab activity to any other web browser, even on mobile devices.)

dead simple screen sharingView in gallery

10. Image Size Info (Adds a ‘ViewImage Info’ option in the right-click context menu for images, allowing you to immediately view image size, dimensions and date.)

Image Size Info context menuView in gallery

11. Holmes (Allows you to search through your bookmarks from Chrome’s Omnibar.)

Holmes optionsView in gallery

12. YouTube Lyrics (Lets you view song lyrics from Grooveshark and YouTube; also available Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE.)

YouTube LyricsView in gallery

13. Text Mode (Hides obtrusive web page elements like images, videos and other content for a clean, distraction free browsing experience.)

text modeView in gallery

14. Video Tape (Makes embedded YouTube videos sticky so you may explore the rest of the page while not losing focus on the video.)

Video TapeView in gallery

15. OX: Bookmarks (Stores all bookmarks you create to a dedicated folder in your Bookmarks bar, letting you manage them based on read/unread criteria.)

OX BookmarksView in gallery

16. Magnifier For Facebook (View Facebook images in full size by hovering your mouse over them.)

Magnifier-for-Facebook_thView in gallery

17. RapidReddit (Automatically opens very link you click on Reddit in a new tab, and removes clicked links from the main page.)

RapidReddit-for-ChromeView in gallery

18. OneTab (Backup, restore, import and export Chrome tabs across computers.)

OneTabView in gallery

19. SnapPea Photos (Manage photos stored on your Android phone or tablet from your PC in Chrome.)

SnapPea Photos codeView in gallery

20. News Hub (A small news reader that lets you add feeds via RSS links or by manual search.)

News Hub addView in gallery

21. OmniTube (Lets you search YouTube from the Omnibar, providing suggestions as you type.)

OmniTube optionsView in gallery

22. TabJuggler (Group or detach Chrome tabs into different windows, sorting them by title, hostname or URL.)

TabJugglerView in gallery

23. Intab (Open new links in a sidebar visible from the same tab; you can also adjust the sidebar’s width.)

intabView in gallery

24. Quick Bookmarks (Swaps the default New Tab Page of Chrome with a grid of your bookmarks, complete with folders.)

Quick-Bookmarks-Chrome-extensionView in gallery

25. Scroll Marker (Adds a horizontal line to the web page at your lowest scroll position so you don’t lose the point in the article you were last reading.)

Scroll Marker OptionsView in gallery

26. Tabman Tabs Manager (Allows you to easily search and switch between the tabs open in the current window from a menu.)

Tabman-Tabs-Manager-(1)View in gallery

27. Tab to Windows Keyboard Shortcut (Separates tabs in a new window based on predefined sections of the screen.)

Tab-to-Window-Keyboard-Shortcut-editView in gallery

28. Chromoji (Replaces the block characters that would normally appear in place of Emojis with the real Emojis.)

ChromojiView in gallery

29. Feedly Reader (Gives a Google Reader-like interface to Feedly.)

Feedly-Google-Reader-themeView in gallery

30. Sidewise Tree Style Tabs (An unconventional way of viewing Chrome tabs; also allows you to group or hibernate tabs.)

Sidewise Tree Style Tabs main panelView in gallery

31. Chrome Office Viewer (Drag and drop your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files into Chrome to view them.)

Chrome Office ViewerView in gallery

32. Recent Bookmarks (Quickly view your latest bookmarks in a list sorted by date.)

Recent-Bookmarks-display-panel_View in gallery

33. Print or PDF with CleanPrint (Trims all unwanted and obtrusive elements from webpages, making them clean and ready for print.)

Optimizing-cleanup_View in gallery

34. YouTube Video Deck (Lets you manage your YouTube videos and subscriptions in an entirely new way.)

YouTube Video Deck addView in gallery

35. Fruumo (New tab page replacement with date & time, weather, RSS feeds and other useful information.)

FruumoView in gallery

36. SoundControl (Control playback of Pandora, adds play, pause and skip song buttons.)

SoundControl Beta for Pandora OptionsView in gallery

37. Mark As Read (Mark any online content as ‘Read’, ‘Reading’ or ‘Read later’ so that upon returning to it later, you recognize it instantly as such.)

Using Mark As ReadView in gallery

38. Cortex (Share content you find on the web with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media accounts.)

Cortex AddView in gallery

39. Middle Click Scroll (Quickly jump to the top or bottom of a webpage using your mouse’s scroll wheel and buttons.)

Middle-Click-Scroll-to-top-Chrome-extensionView in gallery

40. Do Not Track Me Facebook (Protect your privacy when browsing Facebook by preventing various tracking cookies from monitoring your activity.)

Do-Not-Track-Facebook-Chrome-extensionView in gallery

41. Black Menu (Places all Google apps and services in a simple, customizable panel for quick and easy access.)

Black Menu - Google SearchView in gallery

42. Disconnect (Blocks all tracking cookies, intrusive widgets and scripts on webpages to provide a distraction-free browsing experience.)

Disconnect ChromeView in gallery

43. Silencer (Automatically hides updates from Facebook and Twitter that may contain spoilers of books, movies or TV shows.)

silencerView in gallery

44. Incognito Tab Switch (Switch any Chrome tab between Incognito and normal modes.)

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45. FooTab (Prevents tabs from automatically loading webpages until you manually click on them.)

Drag-n-drop-CRX-file-into-Chrome-Extensions-tab_View in gallery

46. metroTab (Swaps the default new tab page with a Modern UI-based one, complete with live tiles and extra apps that mimic those in Windows 8.)

new tab  new metroTabView in gallery

47. Omnibox Timer (Quickly set timers for different tasks and situations.)

Omnibox TimerView in gallery

48. SimpleExtManager (Manage all your installed extensions, themes and apps from one single place.)

Extension-manager-ChromeView in gallery

49. ViewTube (Keep YouTube in focus by opening it in a floating window; useful for viewing videos while surfing other websites.)

ViewTube - YouTube™ for Social SitesView in gallery

50. Clipboard Sync (Syncs your clipboard data between Chrome instances running on different PCs.)

Clipboard Sync OptionsView in gallery

51. cottonTracks (Automatically curated record of the best content you browse.)

cottonTracksView in gallery

52. OneFeed (Another great new tab extension that shows you feeds curated from Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram.)

OneFeed PageView in gallery

53. Reader Filter ( Filter and hide news items in Feedly, The Old Reader, and InoReader using keywords or regular expressions.)

Settings - Reader FilterView in gallery

54. Lightning Newtab (Brings a smart speed dial to the new page for easily accessing your favorite sites with a single click.)

add Lightning NewtabView in gallery

55. Responsive Inspector (Easily inspect and analyze responsive web page designs.)

responsive inspector screenshotView in gallery

56. PageEdit (Lets you modify web pages on the fly by turning the tab itself into a WYSIWYG editor.)

PageEditView in gallery

57. MakeGIF Video Capture (Create a GIF from any video that’s being played in an HTML5 player.)

start making GIFView in gallery

58. Mikey For Gmail (Quickly find stuff in your Gmail account by sorting the items under relevant tabs.)

Mikey for GmailView in gallery

59. MetisMe Attachments Management System (Lets you conveniently manage email attachments from Gmail.)

MetisMe-Chrome-extension-for-Attachment-managementView in gallery

60. Spot (instantly create events in your Google Calendar from the content you come across while browsing.)

Spot Chrome Events On PageView in gallery

61. Keeeb (Bookmark and sync certain pieces of information from web pages such as videos, photos and quotes.)

Rate Players During Live Football Matches With This iPhone AppView in gallery

62. Facebook Unseen (Disable those pesky ‘Seen and ‘typing’ indicators in Facebook Chat.)

Facebook Unseen enabledView in gallery

63. Video Resumer (Pause a YouTube video and then resume it later from the exact same point where you left of, upon restarting Chrome.)

video resumerView in gallery

64. Font Changer (Change the font styles of your favorite websites by defining your own custom font settings.)

SettingsView in gallery

65. Closed Tabs (Restore as many Chrome tabs as you want, in addition to selectively opening recently closed ones.)

Open Recent TabsView in gallery

66. Tab Resize (Easily split all your browser tabs into different windows in predefined or custom layouts.)

Tab ResizeView in gallery

67. Veritabs (The perfect way to organize your tabs vertically, letting you scroll through the tabs list using your mouse wheel.)

VeritabsView in gallery

68. NiftySplit (Open links in a new window, which appears side by side with the page you were browsing.)

Open in new nitfy windowView in gallery

69. JellyReader (Store you RSS feeds on your Dropbox or Google Drive account.)

JellyReaderView in gallery

70. OX (Replace the default Chrome new tab page with important information or urgent bookmarks that need more attention.)

OX WelcomeView in gallery

71. Pixlr Touch Up (A feature-rich photo editor for fine-tuning your favorite images right within Chrome.)

Pixlr Touch UpView in gallery

72. Evernote Web Clipper (Update to the popular Evernote Web Clipper that brings many awesome new features to the table including screenshot capturing, annotation, and sharing options.)

What’s New in Web Clipper for Chrome  Evernote - Google ChromeView in gallery

73. Curiyo (Look up further information regarding anything you come across while browsing, using popular informational sites such as Wikipedia.)

UnderlineView in gallery

74. Shiny Reddit (Browse reddit in a Pinterest-like UI.)

Shiny-Reddi-Chrome-extension_View in gallery

75. Boomerang Calendar (Injects new life into Google Calendar, letting you schedule meetings and events right from your Gmail inbox.)

New Calendar EventView in gallery

76. iCloud Bookmarks (Sync your bookmarks between iOS, Chrome and Firefox.)

Download iCloud Control PanelView in gallery

77. Identify Mask (Log into multiple accounts on the same website without entering Chrome’s incognito mode.)

Identity Mask_NewView in gallery

78. Spot – Date Clipper for Google Calendar (Makes sure you never forget about any interesting events that you come across online.)

Spot - Date Clipper for Google Calendar 1View in gallery

79. StartHQ (There’s no shortage of new tab extensions, but this one puts a few handy apps at your disposal, along with the ability to discover new sites from your friends.)

RegisterView in gallery

80. Dictionary Bubble (Instant Dictionary) (View definitions, synonyms and adjectives of words on any web page by double-clicking them.)

Dictionary Bubble for ChromeView in gallery

81. Scrollbar of Contents (Creates content-based section headings for pages along the scrollbar for easy in-page navigation.)

Scrollbar-of-Contents-Chrome-extensionView in gallery

82. Reddit Hover Text (Allows you to view content of any Reddit when you hover the cursor over it.)

Reddit Hover TextView in gallery

83. Nimbus Web Clipper (Another handy web clipping extension that lets you save images and webpages to the cloud.)

Sign upView in gallery

84. Grooveplayer (Control Grooveshark web player via a popup using Chrome’s experimental Panels feature.)

Groveplayer DesktopView in gallery

85. Looper For YouTube (Auto-repeat or loop an entire YouTube video or only a selected part of it, as many times as you wish.)

Looper For YouTube 1View in gallery

86. TabStats (Analyzes data about the tabs you’ve opened in Chrome, and presents some relevant stats about your browsing.)

TabStatsView in gallery

87. Kloudless (Allows you to integrate multiple cloud storage services with Gmail.)

KloudlessView in gallery

88. Latis (Store and manage useful snippets of text, images and other content from your favorite webpages as stacks.)

GetLatisView in gallery

89. iChrome (Love using Google Now on your mobile? This extension brings a similar UI to Chrome’s new tab page.)

iChromeView in gallery

90. Vine For Chrome (Unofficial Vine extension that lets you access your Vine account and view Vines posted by others.)

Vine for Chrome_PopularView in gallery

91. Spotflux Safe Browsing (Encrypt your internet connection, and protecting you from common security and privacy threats.)

Spotflux Safe BrowsinView in gallery

92. Google Voice Search Hotword (The official ‘OK Google’ hotword feature for triggering a voice search.)

Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta)View in gallery

93. Evercontact (Instantly save contact details from any website to Google, Outlook and other such services with a click.)

Evercontact for Chrome 1View in gallery

94. Fruumo Download Manager (Download manager for Chrome that carries several additional features not found in the default Downloads section.)

Fruumo Download ManagerView in gallery

95. Gravity Highlighter (Displays relevant and related content suggestions based on the webpage you’re currently viewing.)

Gravity Highlighter for Chrome 1View in gallery

96. Momentum (New tab page replacement with captivating landscapes as background, and a big clock at the center.)

MomentumView in gallery

97. Video Pinner (Pin YouTube videos and make them sticky so you may scroll down to the comments without losing focus on the video.)

Video Pinner_DisabledView in gallery

98. Streamus (A unique music player for YouTube videos that lets you play just their audio in a popup without visiting the website.)

Streamus-YouTube-music-player-for-ChromeView in gallery

99. Photon (A photo editor for Facebook based on Aviary that lets you edit photos within your Facebook account.)

Photon_EditView in gallery

100. SPOTS (An enticing new tab page replacement that puts loads of information, web apps, games and other content at your disposal.)

SPOTS - A better way to startView in gallery

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