150 Best Windows Apps Of Year 2012

Best Windows Apps Of 2012  150 Best Windows Apps Of Year 2012View in gallery

2012 was a great year for tech as a whole, but there was something extra special for us Windows aficionados. That’s right, the long awaited Windows 8 launch, which resulted in a huge influx of applications for the platform. We covered a plethora of Windows applications in 2012, but if you didn’t get the time to go through them all, let us present you with a list of the top 150 free applications that we have cherry-picked from the countless we covered through the entire year, just like we did at the end of 2011. Read on!

1. Spotflux (Cross-platform VPN client that lets you encrypt internet traffic, access blocked websites and remove ads)

Spotflux VPN fot Windows 150 Best Windows Apps Of Year 2012View in gallery

2. Google Drive (The official Windows client of Google’s cloud storage and document management service)

Google-Drive-Windows-clientView in gallery

3. Asus Multiframe Utility (Arrange and snap windows to 9 screen regions per monitor)

multiframeView in gallery

4. OnlineVNC (Connect to a remote PC via TCP/IP protocol and control it using virtual network computing)

OnlineVNC 1View in gallery

5. Blacksmith (Get Mac desktop spaces, launchpad and mission control in Windows)

Greenshot_2012-01-27_16-29-21View in gallery

6. Moborobo (One of the most comprehensive Android and iOS device management tools yet)

MoboroboView in gallery

7. Clover (Get Google Chrome-like tabbed interface in Windows’ native File Explorer)

CloverView in gallery

8. Freemore Audio Video Suite (An awesome audio and video suite that amalgamates several handy editing and conversion utilities)

Freemore-Audio-Video-Suite-WindowsView in gallery

9. CrashPlan (Create scheduled data backups to local and remote PCs)

CrashPlan BackupView in gallery

10. Multiplicity (Control up to 9 different computers with a single keyboard and mouse)

Stardock Multiplicity 2 2View in gallery

11. Mission Control / Expose Clone W7 (Control opened windows the Mac OS X way)

Mission Control  Expose Clone W7View in gallery

12. Desktop Slider (Create multiple workspaces and slide windows across the screen)

desktop slider optionsView in gallery

13. KeyRocket (Suggests keyboard shortcuts that you can use for certain actions while you are working)

KeyRocketView in gallery

14. Cloudfogger (Drag and drop files to auto-encrypt & upload to Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and others)

Cloudfogger Drive XView in gallery

15. Stoffi (If Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer were to marry, you’d probably get Stoffi)

StoffiView in gallery

16. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (Fast, robust, beautiful and reliable, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition was the best antivirus app that came across our way in 2012)

Bitdefender AntivirusView in gallery

17. Microsoft Research Cliplets (Create half-image, half-video animations called ‘cinegraphs’ and save them as GIF, MP4 and WMV)

ClipletsView in gallery

18. Clickberry Interactive Creator (Add clickable/interactive elements to your videos and share them over Facebook)

Program Manager_2012-06-18_14-38-36View in gallery

19. Cubby (Multi-platform cloud storage with a Windows client that lets you drag and drop folders to sync them between devices)

CubbyView in gallery

20. BufferZone Pro (A Sandboxie-like software that lets you launch your favorite applications in a virtual environment)

BufferzoneView in gallery

21. Dropboxifier (Use your Dropbox account to sync game data between different PCs)

Dropboxifier-by-DG-v0.1.84View in gallery

22. DDownloads (Looking for an alternative to the ever-popular Ninite? Try DDownloads!)

DDownloads_DownloadView in gallery

23. Save.Me (Probably the best clipboard manager for Windows this year)

Save.me 2.0.0View in gallery

24. OPSWAT’s Security Score (A great Windows app that analyzes your system against security loopholes)

OPSWAT Security Score Beta DoneView in gallery

25. RecImgManager (Lets you backup and restore user applications and settings in Windows 8)

RecImg-WindowsView in gallery

26. GOM Audio (An app for audiophiles from the team behind one of the most popular media players out there)

GOM-Audio3View in gallery

27. Paragon Go Virtual (Convert your PC into a guest virtual machine configured to run with VMware, Virtual Box, or Virtual PC)

paragon 1View in gallery

28. Reboot-To (A free alternative to iReboot; lets you select what Windows installation your system will boot into next)

2012-11-29_15-44-004View in gallery

29. KuaiZip (An file archiver and compressor that has the potential to dethrone 7-Zip)

KuaiZipView in gallery

30. Norton Zone Cloud Sharing (Backup, share & sync data securely across Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & the web)

Norton-Zone-Cloud-Sharing-PC4View in gallery

31. 7Conifier (Apply custom application icon packs with a single click)

7Conifier_FinalView in gallery

32. Free Viewer (A file editor and viewer that works with about 100 different file formats)

Free Viewer - Image Viewer EditorView in gallery

33. CloudDeck (Fully functional, unofficial desktop client for SoundCloud)

CloudDeck.airView in gallery

34. Wondershare vDownloader (Download Full HD 1080p videos from all the popular video streaming websites)

Wondershare vDownloaderView in gallery

35. InstallGuard (Not sure who’s filling up your precious HD space with unwanted apps? It’s time to block unauthorized software installations with InstallGuard.)

InstallGuard4_thumbView in gallery

36. Ribbon Disabler (Disable the new Ribbon UI in Windows 8’s File Explorer and get the old interface back)

Ribbon DisablerView in gallery

37. NetSpeedMonitor (Monitor upstream and downstream rate from the taskbar and maintain data transfer reports)

NetSpeedMonitorView in gallery

38. Bitcasa (Offers 10GB free cloud storage space, and an unlimited plan for $10 a month)

BitcasaView in gallery

39. Amazon Cloud Drive (The Official Amazon desktop client for Windows & Mac)

TourView in gallery

40. Espera (A beautiful Modern UI-inspired music player with a ‘Party Mode’)

EsperaView in gallery

41. Sys Information (Don’t like Speccy all that much? Here’s another great system information tool that you can try.)

SysInformation dashboardView in gallery

42. WiFi Protector (Protect your wireless internet connection with 256-bit encryption and hide your real IP address)

WifiProtectorView in gallery

43. Syncbox (Host your own personal cloud storage space using your local hard drive)

Syncbox server_control panelView in gallery

44. EaseUS CleanGeniu (Elegant system optimizer from EaseUS that analyzes your PC’s health, finds duplicate files, cleans the registry and more)

CleanGenius-Main-Screen4_thumbView in gallery

45. Fake Antivirus (Beware of cheap and fake antiviruses. Quickly detect them with this tool before you hurt your wallet.)

Fake-Antivirus-Remover_Launch3View in gallery

46. Pokki For Windows 8 (Our favorite web apps aggregator comes to Windows 8; also restores the Start Orb.)

View in gallery

47. SnapPea (An Airdroid-like Android management application boasting an attractive design)

SnapPeaView in gallery

48. Voxeet (Conference calling app with a unique natural 3D perception feature that makes you feel like you’re sitting next to your contacts)

Voxeet conferenceView in gallery

49. Smart PC Locker Pro (Automatically powers off your PC after invalid login attempts)

Smart PC Locker Pro v1.2 [www.novirusthanks.org]View in gallery

50. Kuvva (Automatically changes desktop and Twitter backgrounds on a daily basis)

Kuvva-WindowsView in gallery

51. Folder Lock (Easily password-protect or hide files and folders through drag & drop)

Folder Lock FreeView in gallery

52. Feewhee (Use mouse scroll to resize windows and adjust their transparency)

Program Manager_2012-04-07_12-55-40View in gallery

53. DestroyFlickr (Manage your Flickr account from your PC with this Adobe AIR-based desktop app)

DestroyFlickr FullscreenView in gallery

54. Network Sorcerer (Comprehensive client control utility for small networks)

network sorcer mainView in gallery

55. Perfect Effects 3 (Apply Instagram-like photo filters in layers on an entire image or specific parts of it)

Perfect Effects Free (Untitled.psd@129View in gallery

56. WinPlusX (Get Windows 8 Win+X menu in Windows 7 and Vista)

Start_2012-04-11_16-22-54View in gallery

57. QuickPlay (Borderless HD video player with support for up to 4K resolution)

Program Manager_2012-04-09_13-15-18View in gallery

58. AntiScreensaver (Automatically disables the screensaver while specific programs are running)

Cyber-D's AntiScreensaver 2.01View in gallery

59. Juicebox (Create HTML-based photo galleries and share them with your friends)

CustomizeView in gallery

60. SearchMyFiles (Search files and folders using an extremely comprehensive set of filters)

Search OptionsView in gallery

61. MetroTextual (Minimalistic, Modern UI-inspired text editor with syntax highlighting)

metrotextual-syntax-highlightingView in gallery

62. Send to Kindle (Send documents to Kindle from Windows context menu)

Send to KindleView in gallery

63. FavBackup (Create user-style backups for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and other browsers)

FavBackup 2.1.2View in gallery

64. Visions (3D image viewer with customizable layouts and a built-in editor)

VisionsView in gallery

65. Familiar (Real-time photo sharing and syncing across PC, Mac, Android & iOS)

Familiar-Android-iOS-PC0View in gallery

66. VarieDrop (Create resolution and size-based profiles for quickly resizing images; lets you resize a single image by all profiles at once)

VarieDropView in gallery

67. SubtitleDownloader (Auto-fetch subtitles on video file name basis)

Subtitles DownloadedView in gallery

68. SmoothDraw (Digital painter with Adobe Photoshop-like layer support)

SmoothDraw 3.2.10 - CUsersTestDesktopTest.sddoc mainView in gallery

69. Quick PDF Tools (Merge, extract, convert & encrypt PDF files from Windows context menu)

QUick PDF Tools MainView in gallery

70. Icon Generator Pro (Create HTML5/CS5 icons, logos and star badges)

Icon Generator ProView in gallery

71. myManga (Automatically downloads episodes for your favorite Manga series)

myManga.png LibraryView in gallery

72. O&O AutoBackup (Automatically backup files to a USB drive when it is plugged in)

O&O AutoBackupView in gallery

73. Elpis (Desktop client for Pandora radio)

Elpis  The Album Leaf  Blank PagesView in gallery

74. PDFzen (Edit and manage PDF documents in a collaborative manner)

PDFzenView in gallery

75. Name My TV Series (Cross-Platform tool to easily rename TV series episodes)

Name My TV Series - ©2010 Hans Luijten - www.tweaking4all.comView in gallery

76. USB-AV (Offers malware protection for all connected USB drives)

USB AV for Windows StatusView in gallery

77. WinMend Folder Hidden (Set password to hide files and folders completely from the Explorer)

WinMend Folder Hidden in gallery

78. PlayClaw (Free alternative to Fraps; lets you take screenshots and record in-game video in user-specified frames per second)

quake3-2012-01-19-11-07-42View in gallery

79. Midi Sheet Music (Convert music samples to sheet music)

Adele someone like you lyric.mid - Midi Sheet MusicView in gallery

80. SFunKey (Map Function keys to perform additional operations)

SFunKey - the Fn Key replacer by SIVView in gallery

81. Lost Photos (Find images saved in your email inbox and directly share them with your friends over Facebook and Twitter)

Lost Photos ShareView in gallery

82. cacheCopy (Copy images based on their age, size and resolution)

cacheCopyView in gallery

83. Autodelete (Delete files and folders by name and date filters)

Cyber-D's Autodelete 3.03View in gallery

84. Care4Teen (Parental control tool that creates screencasts upon detection of inappropriate content)

Care4Teen DashboardView in gallery

85. Shadow Explorer (Access and export Windows shadow copies according to time filters)

ShadowExplorerView in gallery

86. Z-VSSCopy (Create, access, delete and mount shadow copies on any Windows versions)

Z-VSScopy - SetupView in gallery

87. ShiftN (Automatically adjust vertical line distortion in photographs of landscapes and buildings)

CUsersTestDesktopesb1 CorrectedView in gallery

88. Free Screenshot Capture (Screenshot tool jam-packed with several handy extra features)

Free Screenshot CaptureView in gallery

89. Mp3 Rename (Powerful, file renaming and rule-based music collection organization)

mp3 renameView in gallery

90. gExplorer (A Google Docs management client for Windows)

gExplore_mainView in gallery

91. MediaPortal (HTPC app to play music, stream radio and record live TV)

View in gallery

92. HotKey Resolution Changer (Change monitor resolution using hotkeys)

Program Manager_2012-02-17_17-13-11View in gallery

93. ClipboardZanager (Retain clipboard items even after system reboot)

ScreenshotView in gallery

94. Hulbee Desktop (Hard drive and internet search with word cloud support)

Hulbee DesktopView in gallery

95. Sunrise Seven (Comprehensive Windows 7 tweaking and customization tool)

Version 1.2 build 60View in gallery

96. Holdkey (Quickly type accented characters in any text field or program using a hotkey)

Mozilla Firefox_2012-03-06_14-11-58View in gallery

97. SymMover (Move installed programs to other folders and disks without having to reinstall)

SymMoverView in gallery

98. Order In My Folder (Auto-sort files into folders using 8 different criteria)

Order in my Folder GUI  1.3View in gallery

99. TweakNow PowerPack 2012 (An all-in-one PC maintenance suite that is definitely worth checking out)

TweakNow-PowerPack-2012-Windows-CleanerView in gallery

100. Image Resize Guide Lite (Lets you resize images without distorting the main subject with its unique Smart Resize Technology)

img19.jpg - Image Resize Guide Lite 3View in gallery

101. Seam Carving GUI (Content-aware image resizing with removal of unwanted areas)

MarkedView in gallery

102. Close All (Quickly shutdown all running Windows applications with a hotkey)

CloseAll_2012-03-28_12-48-27View in gallery

103. Snappy (Capture screenshots on time, mouse and keyboard events)

Snappy 1.5.4View in gallery

104. ProxySwap (Quickly switch between proxy servers)

ProxySwapView in gallery

105. IntelliAdmin (Enable Windows 7 Auto Login feature or bypass password entry at Login screen for a user-specified number of times)

IntelliAdminView in gallery

106. MComix (Drag & drop to read comics and view plain images with MComix)

[16  40]  SaturnKnight-KnightBeforeChristmas.rarView in gallery

107. Jester (Text editor for comparing documents and creating songs parodies; suggests rhyming words)

JesterView in gallery

108. Free Video to GIF Converter (Create GIFs from frames of videos)

Free Video to GIF Converter (www.video-gif-converter.com).png 2.png 3View in gallery

109. PasteBin (Create, sort and manage text snippets)

PasteBin (64-bit)View in gallery

110. Photo Basic 3 (Comprehensive image editing & archiving tool)

Welcome to the StudioLine Image ArchiveView in gallery

111. Textaizer Pro (Convert images into text mosaic and ASCII art)

Textaizer Pro 4View in gallery

112. Tiggit (Open-source indie game downloader and launcher)

Tiggit - The Indie Game Installer.png ListView in gallery

113. Geek Uninstaller (Portable uninstaller to completely wipe off all traces of an application from the computer)

Geek Uninstaller 1.0View in gallery

114. Windows Tweaker (100+ tweaks for system utilities and UI components)

Windows Tweaker 4.0View in gallery

115. Panorama Perfect (A simple but efficient panoramic photo creator)

Horizontal-Line-CorrectionView in gallery

116. Media Preview (Enable thumbnail previews of unsupported video formats)

Media Preview ConfigurationView in gallery

117. SyncWrite (Portable syntax editor with support for tree structure)

SynWrite WindowsView in gallery

118. Rumshot (Take screenshots and create themed previews with them)

RumShotView in gallery

119. AutoUP (Scans for and downloads Windows system and application updates)

AutoUPView in gallery

120. Eassos Recovery (A powerful file recovery software that can recover even lost partitions)

Eassos RecoveryView in gallery

121. Firewall App Blocker (Lets you easily add applications to the Windows Firewall block list via drag and drop)

Firewall-App-Blocker-v1.2-Beta4View in gallery

122. WinLock (Lock any application window and minimize it to system tray)

2012-11-21-12_41_01-Program-ManagerView in gallery

123. RawTherapee (A powerful and feature-rich RAW image processing software)

RawTherapeeView in gallery

124. MultiWall (Set different wallpapers on your multi monitor luxury, or span one across all of them)

MultiWall-23View in gallery

125. sRemote (Allows you to remotely execute commands and control your PC via Gmail account)

sRemoteView in gallery

126. DXPurge (Auto-Removes those .DS_Store files while transferring data from OS X to Windows)

Before14View in gallery

127. WinMend File Splitter (A powerful file splitter that lets you merge files without requiring the application itself)

WinMend File SplitterView in gallery

128. WinOwnership (An extremely easy way to gain full control of system files)

Undo4View in gallery

129. Inesoft Cash Organizer (A superb financial management software with cloud support)

Inesoft-Cash-Organizer-Local-or-Clou[1]View in gallery

130. File Secure Free (A handsome security tool with an extra topping of file backup, shredding and encryption features)

File-Backup4View in gallery

131. Advanced PDF Utilities (A huge collection of PDF tools within one package)

Advanced PDF Utilities FreeView in gallery

132. Toolwiz BSafe (Powerful data encryption tool that lets you create encrypted file containers and mount them as virtual drives)

Toolwiz BSafeView in gallery

133. John’s Background Switcher (Arguably one of the most comprehensive wallpaper customization tools for Windows)

John's Background SwitcherView in gallery

134. PicBackMan (One of the best software to backup images from multiple social networks to a number of cloud services including Dropbox and SkyDrive)

Program Manager_2012-06-16_12-26-22View in gallery

135. Desktop Modify (Rearrange desktop icons into a wide-array of presets and shapes)

Desktop-Modify-rectangleView in gallery

136. Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner (Tweak taskbar thumbnail previews in Windows 8)

Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner in gallery

137. AnyMenu (Add custom shortcuts for files and applications, and access them with the middle mouse button)

Anymenu-Main4View in gallery

138. Mosaizer Pro (Photo-to-mosaic converting application with several customization options and patterns to choose from)

Mosaizer-Pro_Post-Process4View in gallery

139. Windows + R Alias Manager (Create custom Run aliases for frequently used applications and files)

Win R Alias Manager EditedView in gallery

140.Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection (Protect your system against unintended downloads)

Crystal AEP MainView in gallery

141. DesktopSaver (An open source application that allows users to save the location of desktop icons)

DesktopSaver OptionsView in gallery

142. SyncLib (Easily synchronize and share photos, music and videos across different platforms)

SyncLibView in gallery

143. Instagrille (An app for Pokki that lets you browse and download Instagram photos on your desktop)

Instagrille_NearbyView in gallery

144. NexusFont (The best font manager we’ve come across this year)

NexusFontView in gallery

145. Wise Program Uninstaller (Robust application uninstaller that’s several times better than Windows’ native Add/Remove program)

wise 1View in gallery

146. CarotDAV (Manage multiple cloud services from one window)

CarotDAV - Waqas - DropboxView in gallery

147. RunAlyzer (System startup manager designed to collect all the programs and their registry keys under one hood)

RunAlyzer MainView in gallery

148. Rainlendar (A light, well-designed to-do list manager and calendar app for Windows)

RainlendarView in gallery

149. Toolbar Cleaner (Remove unwanted toolbars from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome)

Toolbar-Cleaner4_thumbView in gallery

150. NexusFile (Dual pane file manager with FTP & archive extraction support)

NexusFileView in gallery

That’s it for our 2012 compilation of best Windows applications. Did you find any new apps here that you liked? We’d love it if you mentioned your favorite ones in the comments section below.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, and do stick around; we have compilations for other platforms coming up next. Happy New Year!

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