150 Best Android Apps Of Year 2011 [Editor’s Pick]

2011 has been an important year for Android. With devices like Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola XOOM and Kindle Fire turning heads in the market, atop the release of what is arguably the best iteration of the mobile OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) yet, it was only a matter of time before the head honchos of mobile app development began hopping onto the Android bandwagon. Not only has the year seen many big names debut on the Android Market, but many novice developers make big names for themselves, and to top it all off, the Market is now home to over 400,000 apps.

There is no denying the fact that it is still way behind the iTunes App Store in both quantity and quality (especially where the visual appeal of UI, in general, is concerned), but the degree of improvement that the platform and its apps have undergone the previous year surely exceeds the expectations of most of its fans.  Here at AddictiveTips, we’ve been observing the progress of the platform and its app repository quite closely, bringing you the best apps in and out of the Market day after day. As the year ended, we decided to take a trip down memory lane, and compile a list of the ones we found to be the most unique or useful of lot.

1. Google Currents (Perhaps the best news reader and RSS aggregator for Android yet)

Google Currents Android Home 150 Best Android Apps Of Year 2011 [Editors Pick]View in galleryGoogle Currents Android Magazine 150 Best Android Apps Of Year 2011 [Editors Pick]View in gallery

2. AirDroid (Remotely access, and control all the core features/apps of your Android device from any web browser)

02-AirDroid-Android-HomeView in gallery03-AirDroid-Android-Optimize-MemoryView in gallery

3. Baconreader (Arguably the best reddit client available in the Android Market)

01-BaconReader-Android-LoginView in gallery 04-BaconReader-Android-CommentsView in gallery

4. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator (Comprehensive all-in-one cloud data browser for Android tablets)

Zero-PC-Cloud-Navigator-Android-HomeView in gallery

5TeamViewer (Full remote desktop access and control)

My-Computers---TeamViewer-MobileView in galleryRemote-access-and-controlView in gallery

6. Screencast & Recorder (Rooted devices only: One of the only apps in the Market that records smooth, high quality screencasts)

View in galleryView in gallery

7. Espier Launcher (Remarkably accurate iOS Springboard clone)

Espier-Launcher-iOS-Clone-For-AndroidView in galleryJiggle-Edit-Mode-Inside-FoldeView in galleryEspier-Launcher-App-Switcher-TrayView in gallery

8. LapseIt (The best time-lapse video creator for Android that we’ve come across so far)

00-Lapse-It-Android-HomeView in gallery 06-Lapse-It-Android-RenderView in gallery

9. Emit (Stream & download audio and videos from desktop and iTunes library over Wi-Fi)

View in galleryView in gallery

10. Skitch By Evernote (One of the best annotation and drawing tools; integrated with Evernote)

View in galleryView in gallery

11.  iOnRoad (Augmented reality driving companion with collision detection alerts)

iOnRoad-01View in gallery

12. Yahoo! IntoNow (Identifies what’s being played on TV, and displays detailed program information)

View in galleryView in gallery

13. SPRiiD (Remote file sharing between two Android device over the internet)

01-SPRiiD-Beta-Android-HomeView in gallery06-SPRiiD-Beta-Android-GalleryView in gallery

14. Boat Browser (Chrome and mobile Safari-like browser with tabbed-browsing, quick dial, and support for webpage scrolling via volume buttons)

View in galleryView in gallery

15. Elixir 2 (Comprehensive system info tool and app/task manager, with a vast suite of homescreen widgets)

View in galleryView in gallery

16. LBE Privacy Guard (Rooted devices only: Monitors access requests made by apps and alerts you of them, much like Windows’ UAC)

Security-WarningView in gallerySecurity-LogView in gallery

17. MiLocker (MIUI dev team’s lockscreen replacement app for all Android devices; has a large online store of downloadable lockscreen themes)

MiLocker-Android-SplashView in galleryMiLocker-Android-LibraryView in gallery

18. Iris (Siri-inspired voice-controlled assistant; indulges in casual chat, and helps you with calling, texting, online searching and launching apps)

01-Iris-Android-HomeView in gallery03-Iris-Android-Sample3View in gallery

19. Hipmunk (Track shortest and most economical flight routes to worldwide destinations)

01-Himpunk-Android-HomeView in gallery04-Himpunk-Android-Departing-FlightsView in gallery

20. Intel Pair & Share (Stream photos from Android to PC and/or other Android devices over Wi-Fi)

Intel-Pair-&-Share-Android-PairView in galleryIntel-Pair-&-Share-Android-HomeView in gallery

21. Viber (Free VoIP app to call and text other app users from your contact list; registration done through phone number, much like WhatsApp)

View in galleryView in gallery

22. Remote Tablet (Remotely control one Android device with the other over Bluetooth)

Tablet-Remote-Android-Home1View in galleryTablet-Remote-Android-ControlsView in gallery

23. Undelete Beta (File/data recovery tool for Android)

01-Undelete-Beta-Android-HomeView in gallery02-Undelete-Beta-Android-RestoreView in gallery

24. SHREDroid (File shredder; removes traces of deleted files from internal memory and SD card to prevent file recovery)

DeletingView in gallery

25. Pops (Custom animated alerts for your text messages, Facebook, Twitter and Emails)

View in galleryView in gallery

26. Cloudless (Two-Way media sync between Android & PC over Wi-Fi without a desktop client)

02-Cloudless-WiFi-Media-Sync-Android-HomeView in gallery00-Cloudless-WiFi-Media-Sync-Android-AccountView in gallery

27. TouchRetouch Free (Allows seamless removal of unwanted content from images)

Masking-or-painting-over-with-brush-hintView in galleryMasking-or-painting-over-with-brush-hintView in galleryResultView in gallery

28. Dropsync (Provides two-way sync between your device’s local storage and your Dropbox cloud)

DropSync-For-Android-Two-Way-Dropbox-SD-Card-SyncView in gallery

29. Hearing Saver (Automatically changes media volume to predefined levels when headphones are plugged in or unplugged)

Hearing-Saver-For-AndroidView in gallery

30. Plug In Launcher (Auto-launches an app of your choice when usb/power cable or headphones are connected)

View in galleryView in gallery

31. Magic Hour (Lets you apply photo filters, edit existing filters or create your own from scratch; has a massive online filter repository as well)

Magic-Hour-for-Android-(Homescreen)View in galleryEditing-existing-or-creating-new-filtersView in galleryTextureView in gallery

32. MX Video Player (Media player with support for all popular video and subtitle formats; no additional plugins required)

View in gallery

33. Cheetah Sync (Two-way data sync between Android & PC/Mac over Wi-Fi)

Cheetah Sync-01View in galleryCheetah Sync-07View in gallery

34. Voxer (Push-to-Talk IM client that supports sharing images, location and voice messages; saves voice messages, and plays them while offline)

06-Voxer-Android-PlayView in gallery05-Voxer-Android-RecordView in gallery

35. TalkBox (Cross-platform voice messenger that merges the conventional text chat interface with voice communication)

Recent-conversationsView in galleryTalkBox-voice-messagingView in gallery

36. Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Official Merriam-Webster Dictionary app; the dictionary is offline and supports voice search)

Search-bar-suggestions'View in galleryMerrium-Webster-Dictionary-For-AndroidView in gallery

37. Any.DO (An elegantly designed and feature-rich task management & reminder app)

Any.DO-Android-HomeView in galleryAny.DO-Android-ScheduleView in gallery

38. SkyAMP (Stream music on Android device from your Windows SkyDrive account)

View in galleryView in gallery

39. BitTorrent Remote (Remotely control torrent downloads/uploads on your desktop BitTorrent client)

02-BitTorrent-Remote-Android-HomeView in gallery04-BitTorrent-Remote-Android-DownloadView in gallery

40. WiFiKill (Rooted devices only: Lets you disable internet for any device/user from a WiFi network that you are connected to)

View in galleryView in gallery

41. Sonalight Text By Voice (Text-to-Speech & Speech-to-Text based messaging app for incoming and outgoing text messages)

01-Sonalight-Text-by-Voice-Android-HomeView in gallery01-Sonalight-Text-by-Voice-Android-HomeView in gallery

42. Wi-Fi Network Analysis (Provides a comprehensive collection ways to monitor Wi-Fi networks, and relevant information)

02-Wi-Fi-Analytics-Tool-Android-HomeView in gallery07-Wi-Fi-Analytics-Tool-Android-Signal-MeterView in gallery

43. Say Cheese Camera (Voice-controlled camera replacement with an additional ‘stealth’ mode)

Say-Cheese-Camera-For-AndroidView in gallery

44. Steam For Android (Unofficial steam client with an ICS-like user interface)

View in gallery View in gallery

45. Add Friend (Lets you add Facebook friends by touching your NFC-capable devices together)

Add-Friend-For-Android-[Facebook-NFC]View in gallery facebook-Friend-ProfileView in gallery

46. MagicLocker (One of the best lockscreen replacements out there; has several downloadable themes)

MagicLocker-For-Android-iPhone-Lockscreen-CloneView in galleryLost-Robot-Lockscreen-3-point-UnlockView in gallery

47. WiFi QR Code Generator (Generates QR codes that can be scanned by Barcode Scanner to join WiFi networks)

WiFi-QR-Code-Generator-For-AndroidView in gallerySaved-Access-PointsView in gallery

48. MIUI Launcher (Clone of the MIUI custom ROM’s native launcher)

MIUI-Launcher-Clone-2View in galleryEditing-Folder-NameView in gallery

49. Gifinator (Easy-to-use animated GIF creator)

Shoot-GIF-View in galleryGIF-Preview-Speed-&-Quality-AlterView in gallery

50. Agile Lock (Great HTC Sense 3.0 lockscreen clone)

Agile-Lock-For-Android-Sense-3.0-lockscreen-ReplacementView in galleryApp-ShortcutView in gallery

51. DC Comics & Marvel Comics (Official DC & Marvel comics clients for Android with built-in, frame-to-frame based comic readers)

DC-Comics-For-AndroidView in galleryComics-ReaderView in gallery

52. Visidon AppLock (Apply face-recognition lock to apps of your choice)

Visidon-AppLock-For-AndroidView in gallery

53. SkyDrive Browser (Unofficial SkyDrive client with dual-pane browser)

View in gallery

54. Nemus Launcher (Homescreen replacement with unique App Drawer and folder widgets)

Widget-PlacementView in galleryApp-Drawer-Zoomed-outView in gallery

55. Do It (Tomorrow) (Task management two days at a time)

Do-it-(Tomorrow)-Today-PageView in galleryDo-it-(Tomorrow)-Tomorrow-pageView in gallery

56. GO Contacts EX (Enhanced version of the GO dev team’s popular, feature-rich contacts replacement app)

View in galleryView in gallery

57. Outdoor Navigation (Swiss army knife for travelers)

Outdoor-Navigation-for-AndroidView in gallerySOS-MessageView in gallery

58. Social Jogger 2 (Sleek social media aggregator for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & Plurk)

Trasition-3DView in gallerySocial-Jogger-2-Messages-WidgetView in gallery

59. SaveMeeting (Record, save and share audio recordings of meetings, and their text transcripts; transcripts are generated via Text-to-Speech)

02-SaveMeeting-Android-HomeView in gallery04-SaveMeeting-Android-MettingsView in gallery

60. DeskSMS (Forwards incoming texts as mail or chat messages to your Gmail or Gtalk account respectively; provides the option to toggle forwarding for each via a homescreen widget)

View in galleryView in gallery

61. Hacker’s Keyboard (Full 5-row keyboard replacement)

Hacker's-KeyboardView in gallery

62. ChannelCaster (A feature-rich news reader and social media app mashup)

View in galleryView in gallery

63. Unlock With WiFi (Automatically disables lockscreen when connected to user-defined WiFi network)

Unlock-with-WiFiView in galleryDevice-Unlocked-when-WiFi-turned-onView in gallery

64. Connection Checker (Automatically toggles WiFi or mobile data in case of weak signals until a stable connection is established)

Connection-Checker-For-Android-(WiFI)View in galleryimageView in gallery

65. IVONA (High Quality, realistic alternative to the stock Android Text-to-Speech engine)

IVONA-Kendra-(Voice)View in gallery

66. Andie Graph (Emulator for TI graphing calculators)

Andie-Graph-Running-TI-86-ROMView in gallery

67. Android Theme Launcher (Highly customizable launcher-style Live Wallpaper)

Android-Theme-Launcher-LWView in galleryEditing Live WallpaperView in gallery

68. 360 (Easily create and share panoramic photos with other users and friends)

360-For-Android-Update-Panoramic-PhotosView in gallery

69. Limit Your Call (Set custom notification patterns and automatic hang-up time for your calls to cut down on phone bills)

View in galleryView in gallery

70. ShakeCall (Receive and end calls by shaking the device)

Shake-to-receiveView in galleryShake-to-disconnect-callView in gallerySettings-MenuView in gallery

71. Soundtracker Radio (Extremely feature-rich music discovery app that fetches lyrics for songs of your choice, and lets you explore musical taste of local users)

Soundtracker-Android-HomeView in gallery Soundtracker-Android-WidgetView in gallery

72. MightyText (Previously known as Texty; lets you send and receive your Android device’s text messages to and from your desktop)

Texty-App-and-Chrome-Extension-For-AndroidView in gallery

73. Battery Calibration (Rooted devices only: Re-calibrates your device’s battery)

View in gallery

74. BITS Widget (Create your own clock and weather homescreen widgets)

BITS-WidgetView in galleryEditingView in gallery

75. AutoCAD WS (View, edit and share DWG files stored locally or on your AutoCAD WS cloud)

Editing-toolsView in gallerySharing---Email-DWGView in gallery

76. HDMwIn (Full HDMI mirroring for HTC EVO 4G; no root required)

ResolutionsView in galleryAudio outputView in gallery

77. Kernel Manager (Rooted devices only: Download and flash custom kernels for your device)

Kernel-Manager-For-AndroidView in galleryDetailed-Info- -DownloadView in gallery

78. Angel Browser (One of the most feature-rich Android browsers to date)

Speed-DialView in galleryScreenshotsView in gallery

79. Volume Sync (Mutes the media volume whenever the ringer volume is muted)

Ringer-Muted-ToastView in galleryRinger-Unmuted-ToastView in gallery

80. SD Maid (Clear your SD card and internal memory of residues left behind by deleted apps and other unnecessary files)

Cleaning-SystemView in gallerySystem-Cleaner-SettingsView in gallery

81. Hulu Plus (Official Hulu client for Android)

Hulu-Plus-For-AndroidView in galleryHulu-Plus-For-Android-TV-showsView in gallery

82. Dock4Droid (Adds a gesture area at the bottom of the screen for quick task switching)

View in gallery

83. PCAutoWaker (Automatically turns your desktop on when your Android device connects to the same WiFi network)

List-of-added-computersView in galleryWakeView in gallery

84. ZDBox (All-in-one system monitoring and management toolkit)

View in galleryView in gallery

85. Ultimate App Guard (Scheduled lock/unlock profiles for apps with up to seven methods of protection)

01-Ultimate-App-Guard-Android-HomeView in gallery 04-Ultimate-App-Guard-Android-Lock-ModesView in gallery

86. NVIDIA Tegra Zone (Game discovery app for Tegra-powered Android devices)

View in galleryView in gallery

87. GO Locker (One of the best lockscreen replacement apps to date; has its own online repository of downloadable themes)

View in galleryView in gallery

88. Yahoo! Play (Identifies songs, lets you make mood-oriented playlists)

landscape modeView in gallery

89. Lightbox (Capture photos, apply filters and sync with the web)

My-Lightbox-(Social-Meida-Facebook-Twitter-feed)View in galleryViewing-Twitter-photosView in galleryApplying-filtersView in gallery

90. Wallpaper Changer (Automatically cycles through wallpapers of your choice after a specified interval of time)

Wallpaper-Changer-For-AndroidView in galleryWidgetView in gallery

91. Ripple Lock (Honeycomb-inspired lockscreen replacement)

Ripple-Lock-Honeycomb-LockscreenView in galleryRipple-unlock-effect-2View in galleryRipple-unlock-effectView in gallery

92. Read It Later Free (Archive web pages/articles and read them later from within your device, desktop browser or other mobile platforms)

Read-it-Later-homescreenView in galleryArticle-viewView in galleryEmail-Article-ViewView in gallery

93. PicsIn Viewer (Aggregates images from cloud and social networks as well as from gallery, and lets you upload/download them from within the app)

01-PicsIn-Viewer-Beta-Android-PopularView in gallery06-PicsIn-Viewer-Beta-Android-SD-CardView in gallery

94. Android Lost (Comprehensive anti-theft, remote access and control solution; now allows controlling multiple devices at once)

AndroidLostView in gallery

95. Mutli Texter (Send unlimited SMS to an unlimited number of contacts at once)

01-Multi-Texter-Android-HomeView in gallery02-Multi-Texter-Android-Pick-MessagesView in gallery

96. Smart Rotator (Allows you to specify apps for which you want auto-rotate to remain enabled)

Auto-rotate-enabledView in gallery

97. UC Browser 8.0 (High speed, data saving web browser with support for caching browsed content)

07-UC Browser8-Android-ToolsView in gallery08-UC Browser8-Android-Traffic-StatsView in gallery

98. Conimgo (Expense/budget management app for roommates)

03-Conmigo-Android-HomescreenView in gallery06-Conmigo-Android-Settle-UpView in gallery

99. SD Increase (Rooted devices only: Boosts read and write speeds of SD card)

SD-Increase-ActivatedView in gallery

100. Bird Bar Notifications (Drag and launch notifications drawer from within fullscreen apps)

View in galleryView in gallery

101. Application Folder (Highly customizable folder widgets for your homescreen)

Badge (scroll view)View in galleryWindow-viewView in gallery

102. RemebAR (Facial recognition app to remember friends, and share meetings with them on your Facebook wall)

RemembAR-Android-SettingsView in gallery

103. BrowsAR (Scan QR codes to view Facebook profiles in profiles in augmented reality)

View in gallery View in gallery

104. MXHome Launcher (Homescreen replacement with unique App Drawer concept and 3D graphics)

View in galleryView in gallery

105Regina 3D Launcher (Homescreen replacement with amazing 3D graphics)

View in galleryView in gallery

106. SemiSilent (Enable ringer for calls from specific contacts while keeping your device in silent mode)

snap20110617_180459View in gallerysnap20110617_175800View in gallery

107. Strimz (Stream live video recordings to your Facebook Wall)

Strimz-Android-iOS-SplashView in galleryStrimz-Android-iOS-LiveView in gallery

108. Draw n Chat (Real-time virtual drawing board sharing between two Android devices over the internet)

01-Draw-n-Chat-Android-Send-InvitationView in gallery03-Draw-n-Chat-Android-DrawingView in gallery

109. Tablet Market (Medium for finding great Honeycomb-optimized apps on the Android Market)

Tablet Market-01View in galleryTablet Market-01View in gallery

110. Voice Control Without Internet (Launch Android apps via voice commands without an internet connection)

Voice-Control-Without-Internet-RecognizeView in galleryVoice-Control-Without-Internet-PromptView in gallery

111. Cisco Connect Express (Remotely manage & monitor your Cisco routers)

02-Cisco-Connect-Express-Android-HomeView in gallery 04-Cisco-Connect-Express-Android-Router-ManagementView in gallery

112. Invisibright (Allows you to control brightness by swiping along the edge of the screen or tilting your device)

InvisiBright-For-Android-Brightness-control-modesView in galleryInvisibright-Pro-Version-FeaturesView in gallery

113. Trulia Rent A House (Helps you find the best places for rent around your location)

03-Trulia-For-Rent-Android-Search-FiltersView in gallery06-Trulia-For-Rent-Android-AmenitiesView in gallery

114. MIUI Music Player (Standalone MIUI music player app for all Android devices)

View in galleryView in gallery

115. QISS (Comprehensive IM and social networking browser with support for sharing texts & photos across major micro-blogging web services and social networks)

View in galleryView in gallery

116. Call Master (Customized, schedule-based settings for incoming calls and texts for individual contacts & groups)

Call-Master-Android-HomeView in galleryCall-Master-Android-Call-ActionsView in gallery

117. The Social Radio (Reads your Twitter feed out loud, with music of your choice playing in between tweets)

The-Social-Radio-For-Twitter-Android-WelcomeView in gallery The-Social-Radio-For-Twitter-Android-PlayerView in gallery

118. K-Adroit (Comprehensive online encyclopedia for Android smartphones and tablets)

View in galleryView in gallery

119. Meporter (Citizen journalism app that allows you to share geo-tagged news & photos)

View in galleryView in gallery

120. Hitlantis (Music discovery app with an intuitive UI)

02-Hitlantis-Android-HomeView in gallery 05-Hitlantis-Android-Player1View in gallery

121. Alfred (Personal virtual concierge that suggests eating places as per your preferences)

Alfred-Android-StartView in gallery Alfred-Android-IdeasView in gallery

122. goHow Airport (Comprehensive airport finding and flight tracking app that fetches real-time information directly from some of of the top airports around the world)

goHow-Airport-Android-HomeView in gallerygoHow-Airport-Android-Track-FlightView in gallery

123. ViBe (Create & set custom vibration patterns for individual contacts or groups)

01-ViBe-Android-SplashView in gallery03-ViBe-Android-StandardView in gallery

124. Evoqu ShopAdvisor (Find red-hot shopping deals, scan barcodes, analyze recent market trends, and check user reviews of technology products from major online merchants)

01-ShopAdvisor-Android-SearchView in gallery05-ShopAdvisor-Android-Advise-MeView in gallery

125. Volume Rocker (Switch between as many as 5 customizable sound profiles from within the app or its homescreen widget)

06-Volume-Rocker-Android-NormalView in gallery01-Volume-Rocker-Android-HomeView in gallery

126. Weather Services (Detailed weather forecasts with live weather cam images from various regions of the world)

Weather-Services-Android-HomeView in gallery Weather-Services-Android-WebcamsView in gallery

127. AppAware (The easiest and most convenient way of finding and sharing trending apps and games from the Android Market; supports displaying local apps)

AppAware-Android-HomeView in gallery AppAware-Android-WidgetView in gallery

128. Calendar Silencer (Syncs events from multiple calendars, and automatically silences your device according to selected activities in your schedule)

01-Calendar-Silencer-Android-HomeView in gallery02-Calendar-Silencer-Android-Events-ListView in gallery

129. Birthday Scheduler for FB (Automatically sends personalized wishes to your Facebook friends on their birthdays)

View in galleryView in gallery

130. Ask.com (Official Android client of the famous web-based Q&A platform)

View in galleryView in gallery

131. Prox (Uses your device’s proximity sensors and accelerometer to read hand gestures, and perform various actions)

Prox-Android-BannerView in gallery

132. Mobli (Instragram-like photo and video-sharing app for Android)

View in galleryView in gallery

133. Student Timetable (Easily the most feature-rich student planner for Android that we’ve come across)

01-Student-Timetable-Helper-Android-HomeView in gallery09-Student-Timetable-Helper-Android-WidgetView in gallery

134. SMS Board (Forwards incoming SMS to email as well as Facebook and Twitter as private messages)

01-SMS-Board-Android-ForwardView in gallery02-SMS-Board-Android-EditView in gallery

135. Mr. Mouse (Motion-Tracking WiFi Mouse)

Mr.Mouse-For-AndroidView in gallery

136. Speaklib (Clipboard manager that reads copied text out loud in multiple languages)

View in galleryView in gallery

137. Snapbucket (Photobucket’s photo styling app with customizable effects; lets you unlock additional filters by snapping more photos)

PresetsView in galleryCustom-SetView in gallery

138. AppPlus (Check latest price drops of apps in the Android Market)

AppPlus02View in gallery AppPlus01View in gallery

139. Legimi (eBook reader & downloader with option to sync local library over the internet, and publish highlighted text to Facebook)

02-Legimi-Android-HomeView in gallery06-Legimi-Android-QuotesView in gallery

140. N3xGen Theme Manager (Comprehensive gallery for Android themes and launcher skins from the Market)

01-N3xGen-Theme-Manager-Android-HomeView in gallery03-N3xGen-Theme-Manager-Sample-ThemeView in gallery

141. MyAlbum (Download entire Facebook albums to your device with a single tap)

View in galleryView in gallery

142. Quick Event (Automatically creates calendar events from simple text; identifies information within the text and enters it into appropriate fields)

Quick Event For AndroidView in galleryEntered In Respective Event ParametersView in gallery

143. Sleep Timer (Automatically plays, pauses or stops multimedia during user-specified time intervals)

View in galleryView in gallery

144. Wi-Fi Chat (IM that lets you chat with users connected to the same Wi-Fi Network)

View in galleryView in gallery

145. Default App Manager (Clear, set & edit default apps)

View in galleryView in gallery

146. ProCapture (Handy camera replacement app with multiple capture modes)

01-ProCapture-Android-InterfaceView in gallery

147. Autodesk Inventor Publisher (View 3D assembly instructions on the go)

3D-Animated-Assembly-Instructions- -Part-selectionView in galleryInstruction-steps-(keyframes)View in gallery

148. CNN for Android (Official CNN client for Android; lets you submit your own stories via iReport)

homescreemView in galleryCNN RadioView in gallerySubmit-iReportView in gallery

149. NASA App (Official NASA client; lets you explore the best from space)

View in galleryView in gallery

150. Hotmail (The official Hotmail client for Android)

03-Hotmail-Android-FoldersView in gallery02-Hotmail-Android-AccountView in gallery

So which of the above fall into your list of favorites? If you didn’t find one or more of your favorite apps in our list, feel free to tell us about it in the comment section below. If you liked this list, you might also want to check out the following:

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  • Wow. A huge list. You’ve forgotten BlockWorld 🙂

  • Najafidm

    nice job… thanks so much. just don’t forget the “go launcher x” and “go sms pro”

  • John

    awesome list AT! dunno where you guys find the time to compile these 😉

  • Brilliant list! Thank you. Looks like I got some apps to check out this evening!

  • Brilliant list! Thank you. Looks like I got some apps to check out this evening!

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  • +1

  • Anonymous

    very nice, thanks!

  • Shawn Sanders

    What a phenomenal list. You have impeccable taste in apps, widgets, and hacks. Spot-on!

  • mike

    You should try the “Delayed Lock” app. Best buy I made this year 🙂

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    Recommend RssDemon from Meecel. Best offline rss reader. Using it daily. Love it.

  • You guys forgot Out of Milk, Android’s most popular shopping list 😉

  • chola vendhan

    Wonderful… Thank u for collection..

  • chola vendhan

    Wonderful… Thank u for collection..

  • Missing StreamZoo – a wonderful (and in my opinion even better) Instagram like app with a big network

  • AddictNiq

    You really did some research here, found some great apps I never knew existed! I can also recommend Amazon Buzz, it’s saved me loads…

  • Sunil sharma

    Hi Guys,

    I couldnt find app which can turn you phone as WIFI router and can be used for internet on Laptop or any WIFI enbaled device. Any idea??

    • Anonymous

      That is because the functionality has become a native Android feature.

      If you have Froyo (Android 2.2) or above running on your device, you can find what you’re looking for (WiFi hotspot) in Settings > Tethering & portable hotspot or Settings > Tethering (Settings > More > Tethering & portable hotspot if you happen to have ICS i.e. Android 4.0 and above).

      If your OS version is below 2.2 (you can see what version your OS from Settings > About phone, under Android version), here’s something you can use to tether internet to your desktop without having to root your device.
      Koush Tether: http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/koush-tether-android-to-desktop-internet-tethering-without-root/Only catch is, it will be over USB.

      If you have root access on your <2.2 device, then all you need to do is Google or search the Market for "WiFi Hotspot". You'll find more than a few root-only apps that tether internet over WiFi.

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  • Lawstnokc

    Fantastic list, now a chart showing which android devices they’ll run on would be the icing on the cake!

  • anna Kowaslka


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    Great work, I was surfing web searching for useful apps and I found this list and downloaded over 30 of them o.O best list I found! THANKS!


      *but there are still missing some useful apps like swipe pad, root explorer and other useful good apps but still REALLY great work

  • Arjun

    Superb work……Whole hearted thanks to u man

  • Great Job 😀