150 Best Windows Applications Of Year 2010 [Editor’s Pick]

AddictiveTips is popular for covering the latest and greatest desktop applications, having one of the largest collection of Windows freeware reviews on the web. Now that 2010 has come to an end, we take a look back at the best 150 applications.

We plan to cover more topics in 2011, including Cloud OS, Mobile (Android, WP7, iOS), Mac, and much more, apart from extensive Windows coverage. The AddictiveTips team wishes you a very Happy New Year!

Without further ado, here are the best 150 desktop applications (in order from January to December) that we covered in 2010. It is going to be a long ride, so grab a cup of coffee (which will finish by the time you reach 50 apps) and enjoy!

Windows Wallpaper HD No Color by CezarisLT 150 Best Windows Applications Of Year 2010 [Editors Pick]View in gallery

1. Gladinet (Add Live Skydrive, Google Docs, Amazon S3, etc as Virtual Drive For Backup)

AzureBlobStorageWindowsExplorer 150 Best Windows Applications Of Year 2010 [Editors Pick]View in gallery

2. Bulkr (Download and Organize Photos on Desktop)

Bulkr SearchView in gallery

3. DesktopTweet (Take screenshots and upload to Twitter)

DesktopTweet twitterView in gallery

4. File Joiner (Join AVI, MP3, RAR files)

File Joiner 3View in gallery

5. iBin (Recover files from USB Drive)

iBin Dumping ManagementView in gallery

6. GO Contact Sync (Sync Outlook 2010 and Google Contacts)

GO Contact SyncView in gallery

7. Playlist Downloader (Downloading Music Playlist from Playlist.com)

Playlist DownloaderView in gallery

To download from Grooveshark and SoundCloud, give SciLor’s Grooveshark Downloader and SoundCloud Downloader a shot.

8. Ghosted Devices (Remove Ghosted (Hidden) Devices)

GhostBusterView in gallery

9. ei.cfg Removal Utility (Create Windows 7 Universal DVD by removing Versions)

Patch Windows 7 ISOView in gallery

10. Digital Janitor (Cleanup your Download Folder By Sorting Files)

Computer JanitorView in gallery

11. File Grinder (Batch Rename, Copy, and Move Files using Templates and MetaTags)

File GrinderView in gallery

12. Disk Pulse (Monitor File System Changes In Any Folder)

Monitor EventsView in gallery

13. Capacity (Organize and Sort Large Files before Backup)

CapacityView in gallery

14. LockCrypt ( Information and Password Manager)

LockCryptView in gallery

15. FLV Joiner (Join, Merge, and Combine FLV Video Files)

FLV JoinerView in gallery

16. Network Scanner (Advanced yet easy-to-use Network Tool)

Network ScannerView in gallery

17. Snippage (Add Live Web Page Content on your Desktop)

Snippage mainView in gallery

18. Eraser (Delete Files and Folders Permanently)

Eraser Context MenuView in gallery

Also check out Moo0 File Shredder.

19. GiMe Space Desktop Extender (Extend your single desktop)

GiMeSpace ControlPanelView in gallery

20. Namebench (Find Fastest DNS Server)

namebench mainView in gallery

21. SIW (System Information for Windows)

Ram informationView in gallery

22. Trout’s GIF Optimizer (Compress GIF File)

altView in gallery

23. DocFetcher (Document Search Engine for desktop)

DocFetcher searchView in gallery

Also check out 7sDocs.

24. Double Feature (Simple and Straightforward Movie Organizer)

Double Feature OptionsView in gallery

25. GmailDefaultMaker (Make GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail (Live Mail), and Google Apps email as default MailTo: client)

Gmail default makerView in gallery

26. Magnetizer (Convert Torrent File to Magnet Links)

MagnetizerView in gallery

27. VOBMerge (Join multiple VOB(DVD) video files)

VOB MergeView in gallery

28. DropIt (Sort Files by Pre-defined Pattern Marching Rules)

DropIt AssociationView in gallery

29. WinHotKey (Assign Hotkeys to Control Windows And Applications)

WinHotKeyView in gallery

Another similar tool is WindowsMaster.

30. Mp3 Diags (Fix upto 50 Problems with Mp3 Audio Files)

Mp3 DiagsView in gallery

31. NotifyMe (Notify yourself of Important Tasks)

Notification EditorView in gallery

32. Directory Linker (Create Symbolic Directory Links)

Directory LinkerView in gallery

33. Starter (Categorize and Quick Launch Applications)

StarterView in gallery

34. Picmeta PhotoTracker (Geotag your Photos)

PhotoTrackerView in gallery

To remove Geotags from Photos, use Geotag Security.

35. Voicegear Contact Alerter (Make Skype Auto Reply and Get Contact Message Alerts)

AutoChat In SkypeView in gallery

Also check out Skype Auto Answer.

36. Live Downloader (Download streaming video and audio)

New Download TestView in gallery

37. neoSearch (Index and Search folders, including Shared Folders on Network)

neoSearchView in gallery

38. LookInMyPC (Generate Complete Windows System Profile Report)

LookInMyPCView in gallery

39. Display Changer (Auto Restore Desktop Screen Resolution)

DVDMaker runView in gallery

40. iTuner (Control iTunes from System Tray)

ituner hot keys itunesView in gallery

Also check out iTunes Control.

41. SSD Tweaker (Optimize SSD Drive)

SSD TweakerView in gallery

42. Koala (Create Bootable Windows 7 USB Flash Drive From DVD Disk)

altView in gallery

43. Bloom (Upload your Photos and Videos to Facebook from Desktop)

BloomMainView in gallery

44. DeskTask (Display Outlook 2010 Calendar and Tasks on Desktop)

Outlook 2010 Calendar Tasks DesktopView in gallery

45. MakeMKV (Rip Blu-Ray and DVD to MKV Format)

MakeMKVView in gallery

46. BB FlashBack Express (Free Professional Windows Screencast Software)

BB FlashBack Express 2 PlayerView in gallery

47. Comical (Desktop Application for Web Comics)

altView in gallery

48. Kiwi (Monitor and Take Action Based on Application Behavior)

Kiwi Application MonitorView in gallery

49. Synergy+ (Share Keyboard and Mouse between Multiple Systems)

synergy-plusView in gallery

50. Photo Magician (Fast Batch Image Converter Supporting Many Profiles)

PhotoMagicianFormatsView in gallery

51. ResizeEnable (Resize Any Windows Dialog Box)

Screensaver SettingsView in gallery

52. ComboFix (Virus and Malware Software Removal)

imageView in gallery

53. Azotix Active Organizer (Manage Google Calendar Events and Contacts from Desktop)

New Google Calendar Event DesktopView in gallery

54. DamnVid (Online Video Downloader and Converter)

Adding VideoView in gallery

55. Stalled Printer Repair (Fix Printer paper Jam)

Stalled Printer RepairView in gallery

56. Glint (Customizable and Portable System Activity Monitor)

glint monitor desktopView in gallery

57. NoteSync (Create and Sync Notes with Google Docs)

NoteSyncView in gallery

58. Listary (Add Powerful Search To Windows Explorer and Popular Applications)

ListrayView in gallery

59. Miro Video Converter (Convert Videos to Popular Mobile and Portable Devices)

Miro Video ConverterView in gallery

60. Don’t Sleep (Prevent Automatic Windows System Actions)

dont sleepView in gallery

61. WinContig (Portable Disk Defragmentation Tool)

WinContig checking for errorsView in gallery

Other alternatives are Smart Defrag and Disk Speedup.

62. VidCoder (Handbrake with better User Interface)

VidCoderView in gallery

Also check out DropFolders and Handbrake Batch Encoder.

63. Granola (Save Energy By Reducing CPU Usage)

Granola mainView in gallery

64. Blink (Login using Face Recognition)

imageView in gallery

65. Scrybe (Add Multitouch and Gestures on laptop Touchpad)

Scrybe0View in gallery

66. Windows Media Player Plus! (Plugin for WMP that Adds More Functionality)

windows pl3View in gallery

67. Jumplist Extender (Add Jumplist to Applications that don’t support it)

altView in gallery

68. Automatic Printer Switcher (Change Default Printer for Different Print Jobs)

Printer SwitcherView in gallery

69. EasyWords (Learn New Language The Easy Way)

EasyWords MainView in gallery

Another similar tool is Words Memorizer.

70. Kijio Subtitle Editor (Edit Subtitles In Real Time)

SubMasterView in gallery

Also check out Subtitle Tools.

71. Nitro PDF Reader (PDF Reader with Advanced Tools)

Nitro PDF ReaderView in gallery

72. Soluto (Speed Up Windows Startup)

soluto12View in gallery

73. Kylo (Web Browser for Large HDTV Screens)

KyloView in gallery

74. AveFolderBG For Windows 7 (Change Windows Explorer Folder Background)

Background In Windows ExplorerView in gallery

75. TeboCam (Professional Video Surveillance Security Software)

TeboCamView in gallery

76. Advanced Renamer (Batch File Renamer With Every Functionality)

rename batch methodView in gallery

77. Greenshot (Enhance Windows ‘Print Screen’ Capture Key)

greenshot1View in gallery

78. MartView (Eye-candy PDF Viewer)

mart view menuView in gallery

79. OnTopReplica (Replicate Any Window and Keep It In Focus)

Select RegionView in gallery

80. ClintaNotes (Take Notes Quickly and Sync In Real-time with Dropbox)

ClintaNotes CustomizationView in gallery

81. Vodburner (Record and Edit Skype Video Calls)

vodburnerView in gallery

82. NetDrive (Mount Website / FTP Server As Local Drive)

NetDriveView in gallery

83. Redo Backup & Recovery (Live CD To Recover Your Whole Hard Drive)

redo1View in gallery

84. Airytec Switch Off (Remotely Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, Lock, etc from Mobile Phone)

AirytecView in gallery

Also check out Shutdown Timer.

85. Freemake Video Converter (Convert Videos Quickly with Options to Edit Them)

freemake video converter editorView in gallery

Another great tool from the developer is Freemake Video Downloader. For alternative, check out Hamster Video Converter.

86. ISOBuddy (Convert And Burn Disk Image Files)

isobuddyburnView in gallery

87. Bvckup (Make Exact Backup Copies and Keep Them In Sync)

BvckupView in gallery

88. EncodeHD (Convert Videos for Mobile Devices and Home Media Players)

encodeHD2View in gallery

89. VolControl (Control Volume with Simple Hotkeys)

altView in gallery

90. Paragon Go Virtual (Virtualization Software That Migrates Your System To Virtual Environment)

Paragon-Main-GUIView in gallery

91. WizMouse (Scroll Window Without Making It Active)

altView in gallery

92. iPhone Folders (Mount iPhone as Local Drive)

iphone foldersView in gallery

93. Swish (Map Network Location Over SSH / SFTP)

altView in gallery

94. WindowMenuPlus (Add 9 Useful Options In Application’s Title Bar)

center1View in gallery

95. CallGraph Skype Recorder (Record Skype Calls)

call graphView in gallery

96. System Silencer (Perform Actions When System is Idle)

system silencer2View in gallery

97. Clippy (Portable Clipboard Manager)

altView in gallery

To convert rich text to plain text in clipboard, use PureText.

98. ThinVNC (Remote Desktop via HTML5 Web Browser)

presentation managerView in gallery

99. Windows Logon Editor (Customize Windows Logon)

LogonEditorBetaView in gallery

Another favorite is Logon Screen.

100. GooReader (Search Google Books and Read them Online or Offline)

101. Calim Skype Launcher (Multiple Skype Accounts Login)

calimskypelauncherView in gallery

102. WinScan2PDF (Scan Documents To PDF File)

winscan2pdfView in gallery

103. Yadis! Backup (Real-time Backup with Versioning and Scheduling)

Yadislocation1View in gallery

Also check out CopyTo Synchronizer.

104. Snow Transformation Pack (Transform Windows 7 Into Mac)

snowtransformationpackView in gallery

105. Expresso Reader (Visually Appealing Google Reader for Desktop)

espresso reader magazine viewView in gallery

106. Cameyo (Application Virtualization Software)

CameyoApplicationVirtualizationView in gallery

Also check out Enigma Virtual Box.

107. MaxMax (Limit Fullscreen or Maximized Window to User-Defined Area)

aftermaxmax6View in gallery

108. FilerFrog (Complete Windows Context Menu Shell Extension)

filerenaming1View in gallery

109. Wunderlist (Task Management Software For Getting Things Done)

WunderlistView in gallery

Also check out GeeTeeDee.

110. HTC Home (HTC Sense Clock & Weather Gadget For Your Desktop)

philaView in gallery

111. MiniLyrics (Lyrics Plugin for Almost Every Music Player)

MiniLyrics lyrics 2View in gallery

112. iroha Note (Mind Mapping Note Taking Application)

iroha Note UIView in gallery

113. Student DOG Organizer (Organizer And Complete Manager for College Students)

Student DOG organizerView in gallery

114. Game Fire (Speed Up Gaming Performance on Windows)

Game FireView in gallery

115. Touchpad Blocker (Disable Touchpad While Typing On Notebook)

Touchpad BlockerView in gallery

116. DemocraKey (Provides Internet Security & Anonymous Web Surfing)

DemocraKeyView in gallery

117. The Handy Start Menu (Create Group of All Programs In Start Menu)

the handy start menuView in gallery

118. JustSubPlayer (Play Subtitle File Over Any Online Movie)

JustSubPlayer 2View in gallery

You can also check out Greenfish Subtitle Player.

119. Unilium (Create Your Own Cloud Storage And Access Amazon S3 Storage)

Unilium Volume LibraryView in gallery

120. Automatic Mouse Switcher (Switch Between Different Mouse Speeds)

automatic mouse switcherView in gallery

121. A.I type (Typing Assistant To Speed Up Typing)

word 2010 ai typeView in gallery

You can also check out similar tool TypingAid.

122. Cyberduck (Peerless FTP/SFTP Client Ported From Mac)

CyberduckView in gallery

123 FluffyAPP (Mac’s CloudApp for Windows)

uploaded1View in gallery

124. Quick Cliq (Speed Up Your Routine Tasks)

menu1View in gallery

125. Zum (Lightweight Eye-Candy Application Launcher)

zum mainView in gallery

126. Inbox2 (Personnel Information Manager And Social Networking Client)

Inbox2_thumbView in gallery

127. FFSJ (Fastest File Splitter And Joiner)

File Splitter & Joiner (FFSJ v3.3)View in gallery

Also check out File Splitter Lite.

128. EmailTray (Notification Tool for Outlook, Gmail,Yahoo, And More)

ProrityEmailRescuefromspamfolderView in gallery

129. AVERT (Scan PC With Popular Antivirus Tools)

avert mainView in gallery

130. Librarian (Windows 7 Library Manager)

lib 2View in gallery

131. WinDroplr (Mac’s Droplr For Windows)

drop1View in gallery

132. TruPax (Quickly Create TrueCrypt Containers)make-volume1_thumb1View in gallery

133. AutoUnpack (Repair 7z, RAR, ZIP Archive Containers)

See and Be - AutoUnpack View in gallery

134. TopWinPrio (Allocate High Priority To Active Applications)

topwinprioView in gallery

135. ClipCycler (Cycle Between Clipboard Items)

imageView in gallery

136. Windy (Mac’s Divvy For Windows)

addictive-2_thumbView in gallery

137. Hamster Free Burning Studio (CD/DVD/BluRay Disk Authoring Tool)

HAMSTER Free Burning StudioView in gallery

138. 4GB Patch (Allow 32-bit Applications To Use More Than 4GB RAM)

4gb 2View in gallery

139. eXtraButtons (Add 9 Buttons in Windows Explorer Title Bar)

123View in gallery

Also check out Chameleon Window Manager.

140. MTCrypt (Quickly Mount/Unmount TrueCrypt Encrypted Drives)

dismountView in gallery

141. XBoot (Add Multiple ISO Images Into Single Multiboot USB/ISO)

xboot 1View in gallery

142. zBar (Extend Taskbar To Multiple Display Monitors)

ClipboardView in gallery

Also check out SwapWin to swap primary and secondary monitor displays.

143. MC-TVConverter (Convert Windows Media Center WTV File Into Mp4, AVI, WMV, etc)

dragView in gallery

144. Tribler (Decentralized P2P Data Sharing)

tribler 1View in gallery

145. WinNumpad Positioner (Use NumPad Keys To Adjust Application Windows)

desktop1View in gallery

Also check out WinMixumumize.

146. Tapin Radio (Record Tracks From Online Radio Stations)

radio 1View in gallery

147. CodeDesigner (Implement RAD Model To Design Application Structure)

CodeDesigner 2View in gallery

Also check out Devproject Manager

148. ImageUSB (Write Single Image File to Multiple USB Drives)

imageusbView in gallery

149. Free Audio Extractor (Convert All Media Types Into Audio)

altView in gallery

150. MKVCleaver (Extract Video and Audio Tracks From MKV File)

extract tracks1View in gallery

We left many good apps while making this list. Listing more than a thousand apps is impossible, so we have instead mentioned 150 of the best ones (with some alternatives too). And because we only cover the best freewares around, this list does not do justice to all of them. We have also not included the 22 awesome apps covered here (do check them out as well).

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

[Lead Image credit: DeviantArt user CezarisLT]

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